2018 Camry LE Lease

Just booked a lease in NorCal yesterday.

MSRP: 25,119
Sale Price: 21450
Rebates: $2500
MF: .00001
Residual: 56%
0 Down, 0 Drive Off
Monthly Payment: $190 including tax

Is this a good deal? What do you think?

Looks good to me. Better than the recent Corolla deals. Good job!!!

Agreed great deal - only thing you can control is MSRP to Selling price discount thats at 14% approx. which is good . Why didnt you get Merc. C300 AWD its going for 161 per month …

Those C300s are hard to come by. My local dealer did not have any former loaners.

Where are you seeing c300 for $161 a month?

Never mind- found that deal. That’s extremely difficult to replicate as OP got favourable residuals/MF by mistake and dealer accommodated it by lowering the sales price further.

Agree $161 for a MB C300 is a unicorn deal. I think its closer to $250/mo, but I would much rather drive a C300 vs a Camry for an extra $60/mo.

I’m not too sure about that. The new 2018 Camry is pretty nice and the technology and features that you get in a base model are pretty impressive. For $250 per month you would be lucky to get a bare bones C300 and have to pay extra for basic tech such as lane departure and collision prevention. Also Camry comes with two years of free maintenance. Having owned a Mercedes, a basic oil change will run you around $250 a year.


Find me a $250 c300.

You make it sound like it’s available with minimal work. No.

Can you PM me dealer info. Thx

Here you go: 2017 C 300 AWD Sedan Loaners - 25% off MSRP. Washington DC Metro

I’ll give you $500 if you can deliver in or to Boston.

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While I appreciate the offer, I’m a bit to busy. That being said, why dont you negotiate with the dealer and ask them what they would charge to get the vehicle shipped to Boston. I suspect you can get it shipped for $500-750.

Several years ago, I did a deal in CA and had the car shipped to DC, it cost be $1k.

Thanks for the discussion, but is there any more feedback on my deal?

I think its a good deal based on everything I’ve seen for Camrys. 15% discount prior to incentives. Congrats!

can a deal like this be replicated in Texas?

I’m sure you can. The pre-tax price is $174, so you should be able to beat it!

What were the rebates?

$1750 Lease Cash and $750 grad rebate.

Is this lease cash for any state?

Yes, it is through Toyota Financial Services. I would check with your local dealer.