2018 Camry LE Lease

Yes, but beware of the grad rebate

  1. You need to graduate within 6 months of signing the contract
  2. have graduated within 2 years before signing the contract

unfortunately, I only see $1250 lease cash in tri-state area.

I would double check b/c Camry LEs have a $1750 rebate, but all other Camry trims have a $1250 rebate. The edmunds forum has been providing the wrong rebate for LEs.

I checked directly on dealer website.

Or you can take over my lease for a 2018 Camry XSE with panoramic roof ($32k MSRP) for close to $300 per month Zero down, all taxes included! :slight_smile:


Has Toyota woken up in 2018 and added Apple CarPlay as standard or a feature?

Congrats on the new vehicle.


Where are you located at?

I am in Dallas, TX.

Here is the thread for the lease transfer:

Send me a PM if you need any further information.

Still no Apple Car Play. Toyota has its own platform called Entune 3.0 and its own GPS App called Scout Link.

Has anyone seen a lower sale price? I was aiming for under $21,000, but haven’t seen anyone get that deal.

I know someone who got the LE here in Dallas for 230 A
a month and the dealer said they don’t do MSDs, is that true for a dealer to say that?

MF was already .00001, so it’s already the minimum. No need for MSDs.

I don’t know what the MF was, but for them to flat out say they don’t doesn’t seem right