2018 Camry Hybrid - $239/mo

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE

MSRP: $29,113
Selling Price: $24,699
Rebates: $1,250 Lease cash, $750 Uber driver
Trade-in: $0
Dealer Handling: $493
Acquisition Fee: $650

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 15,000

MF: 0.00001
Residual: 55%

Security Deposit: $0
Total Due At Signing: $239 (first month’s payment)
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $239

Zip Code: 80007
Sales Tax Rate: 7.9%


great deal! enjoy! …

Thanks, appreciate it!

Great deal! Post some pics in Trophy Garage.

Great deal…congratulations. Enjoy the car.

Which dealership? Here in Southeast, they are asking 270/month for Regular 2018 LE ( no packages / 12k miles ).

Thanks! The car is for my mother-in-law so I don’t have pictures, I did get brownie points though :slight_smile:

Thanks! Both Stapp Interstate and Groove Toyota offered the same discount. Autonation Toyota’s price was $100 more and their dealer handling was also $100 higher. If you are open to working with Colorado dealers (getting the car shipped or fly here here and drive the car back home) I can connect you with the sales guys that I have talked to in all three dealers.

By the way I have received even more aggressive offers on the gas LE without even negotiating. I could have probably negotiated a $200-$210 deal on that if that was our target trim level…

Every review pits the Accord over the Camry so Toyota is looking to make financial incentives to move units as we cycle into 2018. The Rav4 is inferior to the CRV (again, as per independent reviews) Toyota has some serious catching up to do.

My wife has been waiting for the new Sequoia (pretty much the same since 2008…) and the lack of Apple Carplay has been dissapointing; if you can’t sell via innovation, sell via discounting! Works for FCA vehicles =)

Would you please share the contact? I definitely can try and if price/quote is good, don’t mind flying or getting car shipped. I would try to avoid SE dealer if possible.

Just sent you a PM…

Great deal, the total due at signing is great as well