2018 Cadillac CTS V Sport - $619/month - Texas Only - Private Lease Transfer - New Tires - 27 Months


2018 Cadillac CTS V-Sport, Black on Black. Options include spoiler and sunroof, plus tinted windows.

Monthly Payment - $618.84 - 29 months remaining. Information current as of 01/08/2019

MSRP - $64,165
Residual - $31,440.85
Contract mileage - 40,113
Current Mileage - 13,750
Remaining Mileage - 26,363
Months Remaining - 27
Miles per month - 976
$0.25 cents per mile for overage

Leased via GMF with $595 lease acquisition fee with approved credit. Only Texas residents can assume lease.

New Michelin Pilot Super Sport A/S 3 Run Flats installed Nov 7, 2019 at 11,578 miles.

What was your reasoning for signing a 4 year lease?

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Wanted to keep the payment low and for a Texas lease with sales tax due on the total cost of the vehicle the only way to keep the payment low is to spread that tax liability over a longer term. So the 4 year lease was the only way to keep the payment from going too high. Felt like a good deal to drive off with just first months payment of $618.84 and this seemed like a good payment for a V-Sport.

Overall I’m ok with keeping the car another 40 months as it’s a lot of fun to drive. Just saw a 2019 CT6 Sport and really like the refreshed look so figured if anyone wants this I can pick up that.

Considering putting on Swapalease but seems like 40 months left is probably too much for anyone to pick up. So haven’t spent the $200 to list on swapalease. Figured I would post it here to see if there is any interest.

4 year lease on a Caddy isn’t so terrible as you’ll still be under warranty. Probably need a set of tires though.

That’s what I was thinking. Definitely will need new tires at least once. Came with P Zeros and I’ll be lucky to get 15,000 out of them.

Beautiful car might have to offer incentives for a 40 month lease. 19s are out and they redid the whole car. Good luck

No changes on the CTS from 2018 to 2019, exactly the same. You are thinking of the CT6 that had a refresh.

CTS V-Sport does not have quad exhaust or a hood scoop on any year. You might be looking at the CTS-V???

But again the V-SPORT is exactly the same from 2018 to 2019 there have been no changes.

From the Cadillac website 2019 V-Sport with dual exhaust.

I honestly did not know V Sport was a trim for Cadillac… I guess it’s like the “M-Sport” treatment on BMW cars.

I was going to say that a CTS-V for 619 is a phenomenal price and wasn’t sure why no one had scooped it up, yet!

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This is more than a trim package because it upgrades the engine to 420HP twin turbo. They do also offer a trim only package without the upgraded engine but this one includes the upgrade engine.


Yes sorry cts-v I didnt know they made a cts-v sport my mistake

Really loved my V Sport. Quickest and fastest car I have owned to date. Depreciation is brutal. This is actually an OK lease for one, especially in TX.

New Tires installed at 11,500 miles. Brand new Michelin Pilot SS A/S 3 Plus Run Flat

Posted to swap-a-lease, see if I get any interest.