2018 C300 Is this a good deal?

New 2018 black on black

Yes thats an excellent deal for a new car! Not a loaner? Where are you located?

No loaner, brand new. And San Gabriel Valley.

Throw some MSDs in there and you got a great deal

If you want a loaner for about $50-60 less per month PM me :slight_smile:

I would but I need to turn in my current lease early and pay what’s left on that. It’s not a great lease. Lol

With a loaner I’m sure it wouldn’t be so easy to get color and options I want though, right?

Yes you are right. It would not be as loaded but a great deal nonetheless.

Biggest things for me would be black or white ext, black int, burmester and LED head & tail. Oh and no piano black inside haha

Get the new car :slight_smile:

Lol ok cool, thank you :grinning: