2018 c300 4MATIC

C300 with nav
Discounted to 45,127.40
Mf. 00028
Money down 5,000

Trading in 2016 @518.46 with 8 mo left on lease.

If the payment is less $200/mo, you got a decent deal. Else, it’s probably a bad deal.

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based on the discount, there’s no good reason to do this unless it’s an emotional purchase. Also, putting cap costs down is a bad way to start. I would ride out your lease for the next 5-6 months. You will be able to pick up a 2019 at that point with a similar discount and won’t have to roll in your current payments. (Mercedes has a fairly standard 3 month lease pull ahead)

If it is an emotional purchase, enjoy the car!

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Thank you for responding!!!

It’s a new 2018, not a service loaner
The payment would be 551 w/maintenance. Is that still a bad deal? If so I’ll wait it out.

Thank you!!!

You can def. do a lot better! Look at some examples on the forum. Also, that car with the options it seems to have, should be found in a loaner inventory as well (as long as you don’t mind a loaner) and you can get a better payment forsure!

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