2018 BMW X5 35D lease

BMW dealers in MD seem to give the worst offers of almost any brand. Best I was able to find was 830/mo for a 61k X5 loaner. Most are quoting 900+, for loaners😱 Maybe I am looking in wrong places? I was expecting ~650-700/mo for an outgoing model with 4k miles on it

Lol, here we go again


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Are you sure there is no rebate or incentive on this POS?

You should start by finding the most discounted loaner for your liking first. Keep the search area as large as possible. There are multiple websites you can do this online, then you start reaching out. If you ask for a quote on a car the dealer picks for you, from the dealer around the corner, you are severely limiting your chances of getting a deal.

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35D has 2500 in lease credits.

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See you could have told OP that instead of the lol. Or before the lol :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I could’ve…OP has a history of ridiculous BMW requests on the forum though. That said, this isn’t a good offer.

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I honestly think posters should pass " leasing basics" test before they can post. lol


15% off before rebate + 2500 rebate + MF at buy rate = high 6 low 7 before tax. I’d shoot for 18% before incentives. Plenty of BMW dealers in DMV to work with.

Their loaner is posted online for 49,000. When they start asking about loyalty, usaa, etc…grows right up, and then they bomb you with the high MF, and forget to put in 2500 of incentives.

Nope - this is a democracy . We will consider your vote/post even if you don’t know how to sign your name consistently :slight_smile:


Cheapest one was Passport with 830/mo, for a loaner X5 61k msrp. No one is willing to budge.

IDK where you saw 49k, I’m seeing 55,4k with a disclosure that all incentives are included in that price…

They didn’t “forget” to include the incentive…it’s included in their discount. That dealership isn’t known for being the best with regard to discounting.

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Oh, my fault. Must have seen it on cars.com, and then they remove it and say it was a mistake. Like Sterling did lol.

that’s a TGTBT ad…there’s absolutely no way they’d take 31% off, even with incentives.


Yes, they had like 5 of these listed at 43-47k. When I spoke to them, they came with 930/mo. Silver Spring was at 870 if I remember correct (they also gave me a quote for a base loaner 540i, for 997/mo). Then Passport came at 830/mo. What is funny Annapolis offered me a X6 35i M sport for 870/mo fully loaded (but I don’t want such payments…even though that is an amazing car).

This is realistic, based on a similar car from @nyclife last month. Changed the #s for 15k/yr. 602 with 0 DAS pre tax if MD is included in the MSD pilot like the other east coast states. That I don’t know. It was a 35i and not a D

Thanks! Comes out to 740/mo with MD taxes, only 1st month, and adjusted to 15k miles a year. I see you are good with this stuff…how much would a 49k X3 loaner be?

Keep in mind, that’s considered a GOOD deal. You might not find too many dealers willing to go that deep, and it will take work. Even at 15% though, you’re at 675 pre tax w/o MSD. If you can use MSDs, 644.

On an x3, there’s no money on the hood, unless you qualify for Loyalty + USAA. Loyalty is 1500 and the standard 500 for USAA. Without rebates, and a 15% discount, you’re looking at right around 6. If you qualify for loyalty, approx 575. USAA too, approx 560. Numbers are pre-tax + 0 MSDs, and assuming the loaner has approx 4k on the clock with a 1k mileage penalty added in.

X3 is the top seller in BMW though, so that’s not going to help your cause.