2018 BMW X2 xDrive28i Lease good?


I’m a newbie in leasing world and I am going to dealership tomorrow for this car.
I checked the car details on dealer website.

Loaner car - current mileage 10687
MSRP $46,645 (checked the configuration and it looks pretty loaded to me)
2018 BMW Lease Credit -$3750
Dealer Discount -$8,757 (not sure what all it comprises of)

$3,880 plus sales tax or other taxes, tags, registration fees, government fees, smog certificate of compliance or noncompliance, emission testing charge, and electronic filing fee due at signing.

Payment includes $0 security deposit and $925 acquisition fee.

Lease is $260/month.

Is this a good deal ? Where all should I negotiate.

Kindly help. Thanks.

You might want to see what all of this includes. A $3880 downpayment is an awful idea and shows that you haven’t done much research

Something doesn’t seem right, that’s allot of miles. Did they adjust the residual for the miles, do you have the residual?

This deal just doesn’t seem correct at all…

Normally BMW leases don’t work with >5000 miles as it obliterates the residual, this hasn’t for some reason. Like @joeblogs said something is off, check what the residual is with those miles.

And you lose all rebates for cars with over 5k miles

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Thanks for all your responses. I called the dealership to enquire more about this vehicle and turned out that its not up for leasing and instead is for financing only and they said that info mailed was incorrect. I’ll look further.