2018 BMW X2 xdrive LOANER lease deal

I’m trying to make this happen. How about the deal below? Any thoughts? Thx!!!

24/12K /w 4978 miles
MSRP: 44395
Discount: 8000
Doc fee: 118
Liscense/title: 200
Acquisition Fee: 925
Total cap: 37638
Rebate: 3750
Net cap: 33888
MF: 0.00182(will adjust base on a credit score of 774)
RV: 61.5%
Monthly : 455(tax inc)
D.A.S: 455(first month)

Is it possible to get a lower MF with that credit score?

.00182 is the lowest if you don’t do MSDs.

You should ask them to waive the acq fee for a .0005 increase as it’s cheaper by $190 this way.

Oh… in that case, will they increase the MF then ???

They shouldn’t since you are Tier 1.

Can you elaborate on this?

For example, why would a dealer willingly waive the acq fee and how does waiving the acq fee result in a lower MF?

In lieu of the $925 acq fee, you can have the MF INCREASED by .0005. If you get a fairly cheap BMW with 24 month term, it comes out cheaper.