2018 BMW X2 - What do you think of this deal?


First time posting one of these, sorry if I messed something up. Am about to pull the trigger on this but wanted someone else to sanity check me. It’s a 2018 BMW X2 MSportX former loaner.

MSRP: $49796
Sale Price: $40500
Rebates/Incentives: $5750
Adjusted Sale Price: $34750
MF: 0.00187
RV: 58%
Term: 36/12
DAS: $0
Monthly $377 with tax incl.
MSD: None

A couple of things:
(1) I would double check the MF - I believe buy rate is .00177. That said the discount is pretty good, so it may not be worth negotiating.

(2) Definitely do MSD to reduce your monthly

(3) Doing this for 24 months may save you a few bucks, but probably not that much.

Otherwise looks solid for a high MSRP X2.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll check in with them on the possibility of 24 months. I’d actually prefer 24 months if that’s available for a reasonable price.