2018 BMW X2 loaner

Guys, Is this a good deal? Am new to leasehackr

**MSRP: $39000
**Selling Price: $30000
**Monthly Payment: $320
**Cash Due at Signing: $1000
Incentives: 2500 BMW incentive

Months: 36
**Annual Mileage:**10000

Region: nyc

What was the money factor?

Seems like an alright deal, depending on your tax rate and assuming payment includes taxes

23% off before incentives? That sounds like a great discount if the loaner has less than 5k miles, which it should since you list a $2500 incentive.

The incentives don’t sound right (I got $2,750 lease credit earlier this month and the programs haven’t changed). You can do better and you should try to get fleet/Costco and the OL credit. Basically, I got a $50k X2 demo for $345/month 24/10k and $1,500 DAS. Your msrp is $10k less and so, the payment should be less too.

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