2018 BMW X2 Lease Assistance

Hey All,

Just looking for a little help in “assessing” this deal.

24/10 term (65% residual)

MSRP: $52,520
Sale Price: $49,892

Rebate: $4,750 (lease cash + Costco)
“Additional Discount”: $5,000…more on this later

Acq Fee: $925
Title: $37.20
Tax on cap reductions: $425.91

Total Sale Price: $41,530.11

MF: .00197 (I know this is marked up but they won’t budge)

I am considering $1,500 down, also. So with that in mind…

When I calculate, I am getting $420.83 as my payment with $1,500 down…however, they are quoting me $444 (including tax).

While it’s not a huge discrepancy, I’m wondering what I am missing? If I put nothing down, they are quoting me $516 and overall, something just doesn’t feel quite “right”.

With a $1,500 down payment, a pretty large discount off MSRP and a good residual value, I feel like the numbers should look better than they are, no?

The only way I can come close to replicating their numbers is if I don’t take my $1,500 off of cap reduction…but I’m not sure if that’s really what is happening on their end.

I’m also skeptical on why they list an “Additional Discount” of $5,000 later on next to the rebate amounts rather than taking it off the top as their discount to begin with? Perhaps playing with the math in their favor?

Nevertheless, the numbers are “good”, I would say…but they could/should be better - or, am I crazy?

Take a look at the photo and let me hear some thoughts



Based on these numbers, the payment should be in the low 300s …

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Mind showing your workup to get low $300’s? Even the LeaseHackr Calculator has the payment between $399-420 depending on where I plug the numbers in at. But nevertheless, less than they are quoting me. Just trying to figure out what I may be missing or where dealers can “hide” things that you may not typically think about.

its a new model sure but i feel like ~2600 discount is rather low.

I agree - but as mentioned, they are giving an additional discount of $5,000…but they don’t list it next to the first discount…it’s next to the rebate amount…so I’m not sure if there is a benefit for them to work it up that way rather than giving me a $7,600 discount off the top?

correct - I forgot about marked up MF adds about 30 to rent charge …They are definitely adding the “extras” very freely … Perhaps the 10k rebate is taxable at 10% or something …

Ya there is something funky going on with how they are working up the math. I mean ultimately, their system makes the payment :slight_smile: But I figured there was something weird going on when they added an “Additional Discount” rather than just giving me a $7,628 off the MSRP BEFORE the $4,750 rebate. Hmmm…

  1. I still confuse on this rebates, BMWUSA shows 4250, edmunds shows 2250 - 2750 on x2.
  2. Will loaners sale price is capped by BMW? dealers say that YES, and not going > 13 %
  1. If BMWUSA shows 4250 for your zip,with the correct trim, and you’re buying the car from the same region, you’ll get 4250
  2. Loaners price is not capped…dealer doesn’t want to go higher than 13% discount, so they gave you BS to appease you.

Time’s a tickin’…better make up your mind quick. Numbers will change tomorrow.

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could it be that one is taxable and the other isnt?