2018 BMW X1 x28i with Navi / Moonroof / Heated seat+steering / Wear & tear. with incentive effectively $235 + tax month

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Decided to go different route - thanks for all your interest.


Hey can you tell me more about the lease. I’m close to Philly and might be interested in. I’ve never had a lease transfer . Thanks

Are you asking about the lease transfer process? I’ve heard BMW FS has one of the easiest lease transfer process. After your credit check is approved 1-2 business days, after both parties review & sign BMW’s lease transfer paperwork, it’s a matter of BMW sending both the buyer & seller an executed lease transfer. At that point, vehicle is transferred to the new buyer.

Let me know if you need something else. I am transferring to different city and may not need a vehicle. Other than that, vehicle has been great - was actually thinking of possibly purchasing it at the lease-end…

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is this still available?

Yes. It is available

Manayunk huh? Any scratches on that thing? Haha


Condo with dedicated parking spot - will post pics soon. Has wear and tear plan included in the plan so no worries anyways

I was kidding. I know the area well and assumed you had private parking if you lease!

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updated with more pictures…

any photos?

updated with interior pics bump

I’d be interested if you want to throw in the whole MSD as an incentive



Too many PM’s to reply to. So updating the post here.

It’s been awhile since I created an original post, but with Remote working environment, the vehicle has been only driven about 3000 miles more which has been updated accordingly in the original post. (Currently around 20300 but posted 21000 to be on the safe side)

*Nothing has changed in terms of condition - other than the mileage.

*No, I am not going to include extra $500 in MSD as I’ve upped the incentives already. New Lesse also need to cover the transfer fee as well.

If this offer still interests you, please PM me. Thanks.


I am interested, I will send you another PM.

Is this still available? I’m interested and familiar with the lease transfer process, would like some pictures before proceeding.