2018 BMW X1 sdrive 28i

Hey guys, I am about to sign a lease deal for this 2018 BMW X1 sdrive28i

MSRP 42000
Sticker price: 34777
Got the deal down to 31349
36 months/10000 miles/year
$350/month incl. tax.
$1500 drive off.

You’re conflating some terminology.

MSRP = Sticker price.

Is $31,349 the sales price?

Where are you located? What are tax ramifications?

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MSRP is 42000
Sale price:34777
With rebates it came up to 31349
However this one is used lease loaner car with 4516 miles on it.
I’m In Camarillo,CA taxes are 10%

Try the calculator. It helps identify what aspects you’re missing such as RV.

CA taxes are NOT 10%