2018 BMW M5 - 130k MSRP - $1309/mo - ONLY 7 Months/12k - No MSD

2018, BMW, M5, :
Location: Charlotte NC

MSRP: 131K
Monthly payment (pre-tax):1309
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): 1309

Current mileage: 18k
Maturity mileage: 30k
Effective miles per month:1700
Maturity date: 10/15/21

MSD due (if any):None
Cash due (if any): None
Incentive for new lessee (if any): None

Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee:500
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

I am offering up for lease transfer my 2018 M5. Currently has 17k miles on it (13k remaining). Lease is up 10/15/21, so this is an excellent opportunity for someone to drive an amazing vehicle for a short while. Between my R8 and X5M i really don’t drive it that much anymore, and will have an X3M arriving soon.

It basically has every option available for a 2018 except the TV’s. This is my 7th M5, and one of my favorites.

NO MSD’s REQUIRED!!! Only the transfer fee

Contact me at 704-78five-six788 (fred)

Mods include:
Stage 2 DME Tune
Charcoal Wrap (Black underneath)
Custom Exhaust

KW HAS with Spacers


If I’m not mistaken, BMW doesn’t allow modifications to the car on leases. The car has to be put back to original, which means the tune and the exhaust. And at what expense?

Then the assumer may need to pay shipping and wee will need to pay the lease termination fee at lease end. Depending on the residual and expense to undo the modifications, it may make sense to sell to Carvana, etc.

Based on the above, maybe an incentive might be in order? I’m sure some folks will weigh in here.

Just one opinion from a crazy person on the internet.

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What shipping lol. Turn it into any dealer that will take a very in demand car as CPO.


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2018 M5s are going for mid-80s at the Mannheim auctions. Hence why I mentioned shopping it around to CarMax and the like. It’s a high MSRP car, which many franchised dealers shy away from because making it a CPO makes it appear priced as less competitive. At that point the dealer has to find an option shopper, looking for a specific car with specific options. :man_shrugging:

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In what region? I’m looking at Manheim M5 sales right now and rolling average in the last 6 months is $74k and that number holds for the last 30 days.

Not saying OPs config couldn’t get more. But mid 80s would be a stretch.

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Citing one sale in the northeast on 2/8/21 that went for $83,100, granted it had 1k miles on it. Giving OP the benefit of the doubt in having a highly desirable car.

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I can remove tune in 30 minutes…simple download. And the exhaust can be swap out in an hour at my local indy.


still available?


Is this still available?