2018 bmw m3 cs $843+tax + $3k DAS


Looking to change things up a bit.

San Marino Blue
Monthly $843 + tax
Downpayment 3K
Lease ends 2/2022
10k miles a year.
Currently has 12.5K miles
MSRP $102,395
Residual $62,460

Production has ended for M3 and the new model does not appear to be too appealing. If you are interested in lease assumption please contact me.


Beautiful car. Good luck. I think being over a dime a month effective with tax may make this more SwapALease material, but I could be wrong.


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Thanks! I will give it a shot on swap a lease as well.

Love the color! I would love to do the car but Is the DAS negotiable?

Beautiful color.

Where in FL are you ? Also does the 4k down include any msd by any chance or is it pure downpayment?

I am in Miami-Dade. The lease does not have any MSD.

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Great looking car…in FL too✔️

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If the tags from Bramans, I may have spotted you on i-95 in the mornings… Have the same car :smile:
GLWS fellow SM CS owner :slight_smile:

Lovely, thumbs up!

not me but love the CS - priorities come first though :unamused:

I agree. They do.

Can you send me the build sheet?

Did you end up selling it

Not yet, have some offers but nothing solid.

Did u just drop it off for service at FLL ? Dropped mine and saw the my cars twin. Even service guy was like, what are the odds of 2 cs being dropped off and have exact same color :rofl:

No that wasn’t me, but it was my buddy who also has a CS.

Bumping this thread, back on the market!

Adding new details about the lease contract, payments and etc.

new details ?