2018 BMW M3 Competition lease deal on website

Hi guys. I’m a beginner here, new to the forum. I’ve seen a couple of posts on what to ask for in lease deals. I’ve been eyeing an M3 2018 for lease and saw this deal on the bmw usa website. However, I find it hard to break it down in terms of RV, MF and other details based off on the description alone. Could someone please explain me the components of this deal.

Monthly lease payments of $789 per month for 36 months is based on an adjusted capitalized cost of $65,445 (MSRP of $72,145, including destination and handling fee of $995, less $3,000 customer down, $0 security deposit and suggested dealer contribution of $200 and $3,500 Lease Credit). Actual MSRP may vary. Dealer contribution may vary and could affect your actual lease payment. Cash due at signing includes $3,000 down payment, $789 first month’s payment, $925 acquisition fee and $0 security deposit. Lessee responsible for insurance during the lease term, excess wear and tear as defined in the lease contract, $0.30/mile over 30,000 miles and a disposition fee of $350 at lease end. Not all customers will qualify for security deposit waiver. Tax, title, license, registration and dealer fees are additional fees due at signing. Advertised payment does not include applicable taxes. Purchase option at lease end, excluding tax, title and government fees, is $44,008.

The adjusted cap cost says $65445. So the sale price is actually 68445 without considering the down payment? And I’m not sure which price to consider for calculating the RV. It says buyout at the end of the lease is $44008. Is that calculated from the MSRP or from the Sale price or the adjusted cap cost? Also, any ideas on how good of a deal this is and what areas to ask for at the dealer?

If you are serious about leasing one of these and given your knowledge I suggest using a broker. You only have 4 days left before lease support ends so you need to get something done fast.

Otherwise reference some of the deals floating around here for what structure to aim for. I just picked up my M3 this past saturday so you can check my post for what I achieved (very doable in Cal esp with increased lease credit)

Oh wow. I didn’t know the support was going to end so soon. Thanks for the info. I don’t want to rush into anything currently. I’ll see how it pans out next month. I was also considering an S5 Sportback. Took it for a test drive and really liked it. Heard the S5 leases poorly which is why I started looking at other cars. Gotta do more research then.