2018 BMW Loaner Specials! All deals + tax + inceptions [NY/NJ/PA/CT]



Nice! Try sending him a PM or email about it


Yes sent a PM hoping for a reply :slight_smile:


Hey there,

Can you please send me info for 330i X drive and X3? Looking for 10k/36 - 39 months in NJ.

Thanks in Advance.


DEAL PENDING ON 330i and X2. Thanks Guys!


Great deal…I expected the 330xi would be gone already. Bad timing for me


I may have some more in the coming days, so stay tuned.


Wish we could do MSD’s in NY. We just pay and pay to live here…


You can!! These cars are out of state.


How do the 5 series leases look? 540i xdrive and 540e xdrive?


Thought it wasn’t open to NY residents at all. I guess that’s more incentive to buy in NJ or CT :joy:


Depends on the Brand you can’t do it no matter what for Infiniti, toyota, lexus, and Audi


Do you have any red 320xi or 330xi’s?


Just sent a PM I’m interested in the X1


Any X5’s available?


Hi. I had a question about the 330xi. Loyalty in NYC is 1000. Does that mean the lease incentive is 4500 or is there an additional incentive that I don’t know about.


Yes, but that car is no longer available


Hey any deals on 430I or 440I coupes


If there are any 19 x5’s…lmk


For order only


I’m at 16% off of 2019s, they haven’t really matured yet.