2018 BMW Loaner Specials! All deals + tax + inceptions [NY/NJ/PA/CT]



4500 lease cash and 1000 loyalty!


how bout volvo xc60 t6 inscription?



Wow this is a great deal. I would take it too in SoCal!



Interested in this one if still open and available…respond pls

DEAL PENDING… Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 330 xdrive
MSRP: $ 46,000
231 + tax + inceptions + msds, including loyalty


Are there any differences for incentives on finance deals compared to the lease incentives posted here? I am getting mixed info from dealers and I just want to confirm reality.


Is this still available? this is cheaper than a honda and I would take it.


I have college grad. Can this get even better?


Willing to talk numbers on this deal. I’m in NJ. College grad, BMW loyalty discount available? Please PM me


Hi, the 330 still available? Please pm me


Any deal on M4? I live in PA.


Yes I have some deals on M4s. Nothing this cheap though lol.


Any more 2018 demo deals @nyclife


Interested in an X1 or X3, flexible on model year. Any deals left?


One more posted!


How cow Q, if you so much as sniff out anything like that out west, I’ll name my firstborn after you :joy:

Now I know what I have to beat on a 330…


2019 X3 what color combo and options are on this?


If you’d like to PM me I can let you know more details, I don’t reveal much as I am not going to get cut out of the deal.


Yes… I aim to please :slight_smile:

Currently, begging/negotiating/manipulating my main bmw dealer to get into the executive demo game to bring better deals for my LH customers.

Executive demos are typically bought at auction from BMW corporate with 5-10k miles at an added savings. Not many dealers buy them as they don’t realize the savings, much harder to calculate the lease. For those who don’t know.


I would love to get a 340i or 430i …I lost your previous deal for 231$ I am ok if not greedy for 250 or 300 :slight_smile: