2018 BMW i3 Starting Point

Lurking here for a bit now ready to ask about the BMW i3 starting points to begin negotiation. Based in Seattle, we’re turning in a current BMW lease for an 2018 i3 (the 17s are gone), in Wa state the incentives are $12500 (fed credit, lease cash, wa state incentives, loyalty). We starting with a 2 year anticipating more electric choices in 2020.

I understand from reading a few posts here to expect.

  • 10-13% off MSRP
  • MF of .00166
  • Waive acquisition fee for a higher MF of 0.00216
  • No down payment

To simplify this when we get do the dealer and after about 4 hours in of turning down body protectants, I’m looking for ~0.05% of MSRP, right? I’m not sure the Seattle-area dealers will move on that much off MSRP, but I’m going to ask.

@HN308 am I doing this right?

Thanks in advance…having leased cars for over a decade, it was way more stressful without a forum like this. I appreciate this forum.

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I have not been following the i3 deals, but I can promise you that you will not get a discount like that anywhere in the Seattle metro area. If you’re lucky, maybe at the end of the year in Portland.

At most you’re looking at 6-7% off and a marked up MF here in Seattle proper.

Thanks for the response…that’s what I needed to know. I believe they’ll say it’s above invoice or something instead off of MSRP, but again lookin for the starting point.

Sorry for being so blunt with my response, but if that’s the deal you’re looking for right now, Seattle is not the place you’ll find it. You’ll spend hours going back and forth to end up at invoice with a marked up MF.

Both BMW dealers in Seattle (BMW Seattle and BMW Bellevue) just have no incentive to heavily discount cars given the money floating around up here.

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You are on the right track. Add few more points to get better monthly number.

  1. Get yourself an OL code which is worth 1K. http://winatriptothefareast.eventsbmw.com/
  2. Check if you qualify for fleet, have a recent grad or can use military rebates. Can apply either grad or fleet.
  3. BMW car club rebates. There is a post to get those on the forum. A check is mailed to you outside of the dealer/BMW after sale is completed.

Most important of all don’t step foot in the dealership other than to test drive or take the delivery of the car. do all the negotiation over phone or email. Be ready to make the drive outside your area if your dealer won’t budge about selling price and feel free to let your local dealers know about it.


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I don’t think you’re blunt at all. I’ve leased 3 cars from them. And at invoice with a padded MF was what the last one was… I just wanted to level set what people we’re asking for and possibly getting. Believe me, I know it’s NOT $54 a month.

You can apply that in Wa state? The OL code?

I do recall it being used in west coast by someone on the forum. It never hurts to try.

Got…I’ll also demand a $53 a month payment to, cause why not.

What is OL code? Link takes me to win a trip to Japan? Thanks

Register for the trip to Japan and an OL code will be immediately sent to your e-mail!

It’s a promo code that can maybe be applied.

The OL code cannot be applied on a loaner lease, correct?

Cool. Thanks. It worked

Can someone confirm that the OL code can be successfully applied in SoCal? I showed it to a dealer but he said CA residents don’t qualify…

If you are not already a member on https://www.bmwcca.org/ and you are willing to pay a 3 year non-refundable fee of $134 you get a $1000 credit.


I thought there’s no lease cash on i3’s in May… maybe not…

On the east coast I haven’t gotten more than 7% off, and that was from an automated “get our best price” yaya on the website. Whenever I was emailing with a salesperson I finally asked for their best price before incentives and no replies.

Or they’ll show a huge discount but it’s actually the incentives.

Don’t go to the dealer except to sign papers.

They should be offering a pull-ahead on your car too - ending the current lease early and waiving disposition fee, and sometimes overlooking if the miles are over.

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$7500 lease credit + $2000 loyalty

This is what i see on the application form to get the rebate. It cannot be applied at the dealership and a Cheque would be sent to you.