2018 BMW i3 Rex in NC


Looking at a BMW i3s Rex in NC. Double checking all the numbers, but the dealer is saying the Lease Rebate is the Federal EV Credit for the car? Is this accurate?

MSRP - $58,995
Concessions - $2,350
Lease rebate - $7,500
OL - $1,000
Adjusted price $48,145

Dealer Fee - $449
Up front tax - $225
Tag fee - $88 (North Carolina tag)
Money factor - 0.00197

Starting at the end, this is a horrible offer for a leftover 2018. You should aim to get up to 20% off before incentives. It is probably cheaper to buy a Model 3 than lease an i3 at that monthly price point. Ouch.

The lease credit is the same as the federal credit. BMW owns the car during the lease but they pass along the federal credit to you.

The base money factor is .00177 for March.

That is correct - the 7500 Fed Credit goes back to BMWFS that’s why you are getting this rebate.
The money factor is also inflated from the base of .00177 while your discount before incentives is laughable and I would encourage you to find another dealer or focus on the 2019 which has better range and some new features like adaptive led front lighting. You should shoot for anywhere from 13 to 15% on a 2018 model and I my opinion push for at least 10% for a 2019.
Good luck.

Echoing this sentiment, I note that the 2018 has a smaller battery.

for reference on 2018’s

you should really find another dealer.

Thanks…just trying to save a trip to NY.

You can probably have it shipped at a $1 per mile cost perhaps less.

Thats just for reference on pricing - just check the inventory around you through Cars.com / Autotrader etc…
May be worth shipping this vehicle from out of state and save a bunch…