2018 BMW i3 BEV - $3000 down, $242/mo, 36mo/15k (SoCal)

How does this deal sound? Every other dealer I spoke with said this is a very good deal and declined to match or beat the price.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW i3 BEV
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator: Doc Fee $80, Acquisition Fee $925, Down -$123 (to get $1,500 drive off), License/Reg $513, Sales Tax: 7.75%

MSRP: $46,195
Selling Price: $40,705 w/ $500 OL code and $500 corp fleet applied
Monthly Payment: $242
Down Payment: $3,000
MSD: 7 grandfathered from existing lease
Incentives: $9,500 ($7,500 iPerformance + $2,000 loyalty)
Post-Sale Rebate: $3,950 ($2,500 CVRP+$1,000 BMW CCA+$450 SCE)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 15,000
MF: 0.00131 (down from 0.00166 w/ 7 MSD transfer)
Residual: 55%

Region: SoCal

Post updated 9/20/18

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I think the number looks good considering that MF is low and you have 15,000 annual mileage allowance. I just have few questions. Is everyone allowed from grandfathered MSD and lower MF? I have MSD on my current lease too, and my lease expire at the end of the year

How did you get a SoCal OL code? Please help!

Would you mind sharing the dealer info? Thanks!

@performacode I’m not sure. It seems in SoCal, anyone with existing MSDs can receive MSDs on their next lease to lower MF.

@Trato You an get them by going to dealer events or by filling out an online entry to some drawing for a vacation (mentioned by others here). Keep in mind that an OL code is really just a $500 discount from BMW and assumes that the dealer will contribute the rest.

@B0nzo I’ll PM you.

Thanks @EricUSC Can you share the dealer? Also interested in a deal on a BEV. I signed up for the vacation OL code as well.

These dealers aren’t going to have BEVs coming out their ears… just a heads up.

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@Trato PM sent.

@GAngellBMW Not sure what you mean by “BEVs coming out their ears”

This note is directed at everyone asking for the dealer’s contact information

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Please send me your dealer info. Thanks

@EVsrule PM’ed you

I know this was a different time but can you PM me the dealer? Interested in an I3 if I can make it work for me.
Also do I3’s Come with the 2 year charger card? I called EVGO about this and it says EVGO is the company; not Chargepoint (Since most of those chargers are privately owned)

How’s the network of chargers treating you? My work chargers are privately owned so I think I need to go to the nearby Nissan dealership to charge with the card.

I know this is all about leasing but you can get essentially 20k off a purchase of an i3 right now when you combine the 7500 federal tax credit + 2500 CA credit + 10k via Costco. May be worth considering!

If i currently own a BMW does that count as loyalty or did I need to have taken a lease/finance a bmw from BMWFS? And if Monrovia Internet/Fleet the forum’s preferred contact? I work near Universal Studios, commute from Covina (Ideally looking to do this deal from Monrovia or century?)

I can stack Fed credit 7500, rebate CA 2500, costco 10k, fleet (Comcast) 500 I think

Also I have the unique position I could probably pick up in Norcal if necessary (Parents live in the Bay Area). My BMW was bought from Mountain View BMW

Yes it does.