2018 BMW Delete

Hello Hackrs, I have a 2018 Service Loaner BMW 430i M sport in stock ready to lease, check options and payment info below. No other incentives qualify besides Loyalty. 36 Months is the best payment. No shipping or holding vehicles. Reach me here 714-591-6303 Cell serious inquires only and yes this is my

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On the posts that say “no shipping” does that mean that you won’t ship vehicles at your expense or that the buyer can’t arrange shipping on the vehicle?

Both, we prefer not to ship or allow for shipping

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Bummer- another residual hit… what’s the selling price on the vehicle? PM if necessary.

“840 Increased top speed limiter N/C”

If that’s not any invitation to drive it like you stole it…

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Just updated the post

Looks like BMW is being more candid about real residuals. Cars are taking a beating as people move to SUVs

Guys just updated this deal with Corp Fleet Money!

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Can OL be stacked on top of that? I’m trying to figure out if I qualify for loyalty now. Have USAA and have two older BMWs, but checking to see if I’ve actually registered to my current address or not.

Shelly has some sweet loaners, I need to get out there, but it’s easily a 3 hour ordeal to get across LA.

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A little cut, paste and scan and they are registered whatever you want