2018 BMW 640i Xdrive GT

Contacting the dealer now about further details on the car but it’s an advertised listing

MSRP: $71,465
Price: $68,606
36 months
10,000 miles/year
Down Payment: $2,999
$599 + Tax

Guessing I can get the down payment down a bit and get to 12k miles. I’ll do the BMWCC as well. At a glance, how does this lease look?

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Pretty sure this is an outgoing model and MY18 is the final year they’re making these. As such, you should be able to get significant discounts.

What incentives do you qualify for?

640GT is brand new and I’d be shocked if they were dropping it after one year.

You might be thinking about the 3 series GT though I believe there will be one more model year of those as well (2019 year).

640i GT is brand new. Replaced the 540i GT.

There are significant, not well advertised, promotions on this vehicle (which we recently bought and which we love). See, for example, https://www.bmwusa.com/special-offers/competitive-deals/6gt.html which is promoting $6500 allowance on purchase, lease or finance for qualified customers. That’s before any dealer contribution.

How is that monthly payment possible with such tiny discount and only a 54% residual?

OP didn’t specify, but my guess is that he qualifies for a few of the following:

  • $6500 Allowance for 6 Series GT
  • $2000 loyalty
  • $500 Military
  • $1000 Student/College Grad
  • $500 Fleet (?)

If you calculate it based on 54% residual and 0.00187 MF, comes out at ~900.