2018 BMW 530XI $779 (before tax)

Hi All,

Interested in any feedback you have about this lease quote I got.

2018 BMW 530XI
MSRP $69,835 (with my options)
Mileage 15,000
Residual 58%/$40,504.30
Cap Cost: $65,835
lease Acquisition/Dealer fees: 1,374
Rebates: $5,000
Net Cap cost: $62,209
Money Factor: .00172 (4.128% APR)
Monthly Payment: $779/$823.15 (with 5.6% sales tax)

Other costs due at signing:
Sales tax on rebate: $279 (5.6%*5000)
Plate fees: $89
License: $75

How does this look to everyone? Don’t really like the interest rate. Has anyone found better?

Thanks for all your help!