2018 BMW 530e loaner feedback

Hey everyone,

Looking for feedback on 2018 530e loaner. 4K miles. I went back and forth with the dealer several times and this is the lowest they’ll go. Can’t find any similar optioned/ price cars in SoCal. Supply has dwindled.

Location: Southern California
MSRP: 61970 (car is pretty loaded with options…it was an executive demo)
Sale Price: 52785 (15% off) + 925 acquisition fee = 53710
Incentives: 4000
Drive off: 2100 (tax title registration etc…) They put $300 down into the drive off even though I didnt ask for it -_-
Miles: 15K
Residual: 58%
MF: .00177 ( MF bump /w waived acquisition fee came out to be more expensive)
Monthly Payment: $589 (including 10.25% tax). Base payment is 534.78 w/o tax

Under 1% but feedback is welcome.

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Can I ask why this car? Meaning there is a run on supply because people got good deals. 15% off on this loaner is not great to me. If you include the DAS it’s higher per month. I would look up dukez’ deal on a 2019 new one to give you a sense what you can achieve on a new model year and then decide how much it’s worth less to you to do a loaner. Keep in mind that new one even qualifies for cal rebates potentially. Or if the deal isn’t fantastic go find another car.

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The bluestone metallic and M sport.

I saw Dukez deal. It’s a 2018. Not a 2019.

Need to compare apples to apples.

He put MSDs which dropped the payment around $30 a month based on the tinkering i did on the leasehackrs calculator. I’ve done MSDs before and have it on my current M4, not interested in doing it this time around.
His 470 a month doesnt include tax (add $50 a month in socal @ 10.25%).
His lease is also 10K a year…this one is 15K (drops residual to 58%) which adds anywhere from 50-60 a month
His car was 2K less (60K vs. 62K. every 1K adds on average $30 a month)

I actually called BMW of Murietta after I saw his post and tried to negotiate on a 2018 530e (non loaner) $59,695 MSRP. They were only willing to discount only 7K on the car and had a higher drive off (2700 and 0 down). Payments were coming out to 620 a month /w tax.

I called my usual broker for a 2019 530e and got pricing on a 59K MSRP car discounted to 53K /w similar terms (36 months and 15K a year). They had me at $2500 drive off (0 down) and $645 a month.

Even with the $1500 rebate from the state, if comparing apples to apples (same MSRPs on the 3 cars). The loaner is coming out on top…unless I’m missing something.

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Check to make sure 24 months doesn’t give you better numbers (especially if you don’t care about the California rebate)

15% should be your target price on a new vehicle this month (14% if no OL code). For a loaner, I don’t think this is near competitive enough given that you won’t be able to get any post sale rebates on it.

Edit: Also, I’d double check your tax rate. 10.25% can’t be right. SoCal is generally 9.5% unless you are in my neighborhood

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So on a 62K loaner, you are effectively paying 647 right? It’s 589 + 2100/36.

You like bluestone metallic which is a $500 option and M Sport on this car is strange, especially if you drive an M4. Man it’s your money, but since you’re asking for feedback, I wouldn’t move ahead without 20% off.

Doesn’t your title say 2018 also? Either way, nice looking car!

Unless you’re getting it from BMW Santa Monica…

I like the m sport look and the car just drives better in my opinion. Yes I know it’s not a sports car… I’m getting the e nexuses it costs the same as the i and I can get the carpool sticker which will save me a lot of time commuting.

I don’t roll the drive off into the payments. Not something you can negotiate. Regardless of what car car I get the drive off is going to be there.

Have people in SoCal been getting 20% off 530e loaners? I’ve checked on the forum and haven’t seen anything. 330es we’re getting good discounts but it’s an outgoing model…

Unfortunately it is. My zip code (91207) just raised taxes to 10.25. Effective this month I believe.

Ugh. They just raised it in my zip code. 91207. Voters voted it in. Yay!

you can definitely tell a dealer you want 0 DAS which would increase your payments so I don’t get it. At the end of the day you are paying around 647/month for a 62K loaner. Put it all into the calculator and select the toggle so you do zero DAS. Again, it’s your money…but my feedback is no bueno.

That’s super annoying. I was unaware that’d taken place.

Nobody has had a super solid hack on this car yet (I know my deal is for sure beatable since I beat it on another car but chose not to pull the trigger on it), but I do think you should be able to get about 18%. When I bought mine last month, I passed up a better deal (which has since sold), so I know for sure 14% is doable on a new vehicle — and a few % higher is doable on a loaner. Potentially even better now that we are towards end of April.

Did you contact @BMW_Dave there? He’s the man that will get your deal in order.

Where did you find it 14%? Im struggling with dealers giving me 12% on a 2018! and I talked to about 12-14 dealers in CA so far.

I know I can roll it in I just don’t want to. Point I was making is that I can’t negotiate the dollar amount on the minimum drive off.

Keep in mind the 15k lease adds around 50-60 a month over a 10k lease, which I’ve noticed is the more common deal people post on the forum. 10-25% tax is also a killer.

Only variable I can control at this point is the negotiated price. If anyone has been able to get 20% off a 530e demo…Please let me know :slight_smile:

I spoke to Ricky, internet sales.

I found several nationwide that I was able to talk down a few percent off listing. It all comes down to finding the right car and your ability to negotiate. That’s what makes hacking fun

Need to find the right car and the right dealer. After you call around a bit you learn how much you can push on a deal.

People see that one guy that got a great deal and assume that you can replicate it. Sometimes you can’t and sometimes you can but it’s worth trying.