2018 BMW 530e iPerformance

Year: [2018]
Make, Model, and Trim: [BMW 530e iPerformance]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [95118]

Rebates and incentives?

Wondering the same as I am in the market for a 5 series E performance lease!

Check with Edmunds but I believe it is .00150 and 58%.

I got a decent deal here in Maryland. It’s posted here under the same title as this.

I would wait until IRS approves this model for the tax credit

I managed to get the dealer to give me the tax credit without it being released. I have no idea how he talked the dealership manager into that but I’m not complaining.


Can you share the link and details for our review as I am in the market for a 530e here in Southern California and will be helpful to have a guideline, thanks

I’m trying to upload the paperwork from the dealer and it’s telling me the file is to large. I can text it to you if you want?

Can you load it to imgur and paste the link?

Did anyone get one of these? What was the deal?

The best deal I’ve gotten is 3k due at signing 699 a month with LA county tax

I have my eye on one of these as well, but sales are up for the 5 series since the redesign, so I don’t see deep discounts anytime soon. BMW hasn’t even added the federal tax incentive to their lease deal on their website.

So maybe an Audi A6 might be a better deal. I think a new A6 is just around the corner.

have you driven the new 540 and the A6? please do!!! they are poles apart!! A6 looks and drives like an old granny infront the X gen 540!!!

I’m not interested in the 540 and I don’t mind the A6 at all. I live in southern Ca were roads are congested and speeds are low.

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