2018 BMW 530e 48k

I have found a bare 18 BMW 530e with Nav as the only option.

MSRP $53,395

So far I got it down to $48k before rebates.

60% RV on 36 months (12k)

MF: .00152

Haven’t got to the payments yet but wanted to find out if this good or not.

What is the payment? And rebates? Discount seems decent, but I would search the forum to see what others have paid

The only rebate I was offered was the 3k holiday cash but I think my company is part of the fleet so I might be able to get another 1k for total of 4K.

If it’s new you will get the $1k in Fleet.

Also, if you’re in the north east, register for: http://scribners.eventsbmw.com/ and you will get an email with an OL code for $1k.

Also, are you eligible for loyalty? That’s an extra $2k.

Unfortunately I am not in northeast. I own a BMW motorcycle but apparently that doesn’t count for loyalty so all I will be getting is the holiday and fleet rebates.

Thats ok… Always good to try. But enjoy it.