2018 BMW 440i Coupe - $465/m w $3888 down

$900+ for a 440? Yeaaaaa run away.

$75k MSRP for a 440? Crazy.

Check out their amazing response!

It is a convertible but the $6000+ in lease temt is crazy!

$6k in lease temt???

Wow. Can we nominate this for the worst leases thread?

$959 a month…theres a M4 lease thread thats LESS.

Zero dealer contribution. Cash down. (Probably) marked up money factor. Jacked up MSRP. M4 payment. This one checks all the bad boxes.

Run and never look back! Extremely weak deal. As mentioned earlier, you can get a lot more car for that monthly.

Ok so just looked closer you also have about $2500 in negative trade equity, about $80 a month. They are knocking less than 5k off the sticker and claiming invoice which is just false. I would just move on.