2018 BMW 430i Xdrive Grand Coupe - Demo Vehicle

2018 430i xDrive Grand Coupe - Demo Vehicle (no M package unfortunately)
Term: 36 months / 15k miles per year
Payment: $607/month

I don’t think it’s a bad deal, but what do you guys think? I will have numbers from Mercedes on demo GLE350 and E300 tomorrow. I’m looking for an exceptional deal…

Post your e300 deal when you get numbers.

yikes. I could beat that on a new one

Shame you didn’t reply to my email, then. @nyclife

Doesn’t sound like an attractive lease but u are not providing much info, not even MSRP so hard to judge

Its a shame ur from VA. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t be shipping the car. :man_shrugging:t3:

That doesn’t matter…sorry. VA tax system has my dealers running in circles.

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The info i got from dealer today states the car’s internet price is $45,000 even. I am going tomorrow for a test drive and I will get more details to post.

Per my original post:
2018 MB GLE350 Demo: $2200 DAS and $784/month
2018 MB E300 Demo: $2200 DAS and $860/month

I asked the dealer how he could justify a $60k E300 to lease for $860/month and he said realistic residuals. I told him he can keep it.

Internet price isn’t MSRP. What’s the MSRP?

Unless this is loaded up near $60k, this is a pretty bad deal.

I just talked to a dealer here for a 64k e300, $0 DAS 36/12k with tax included at $615/mo.

Wow, that’s just incredible. I can’t touch a deal like that in southeast michigan.