2018 BMW 430i Loaner < 5000 miles Lease offer

I’m wondering on what you guys think about this deal, Yay or Nay?

2018 BMW 430i Service Loaner w/ ~3K miles
Zipcode: SoCal

MSRP: $46,988
Final Selling Price: $35,238
Incentives included: $3,750 (Loyalty $750 + Lease Credit $3000)

MF: 0.00153
RV: 56%

Absolutely Zero Drive Off.

Monthly Payment w/tax (7.5%): $465

Edit: This offer also includes 2 months remaining payments on my 2015 3 Series. (~ $600)
Edit: $0 upfront, not even 1st months payment.
Edit: Went ahead and took the offer. Thanks everyone.

Seems okay for a 2018. I’d check in with our SoCal BMW folks and see if any of them can beat it.

That looks good for a 2018

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It’s a strong offer, but unfortunately they lied to you about the 3 series

They’re not rolling in negative equity, there is a pull-ahead program with bmw financial services- in which they will absorb up to 3 remaining monthly payments if you go into another BMW.

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Looks solid, with that big discount did you have them run 24 mo scenario? Since you stated

(I paid $0 upfront), you must be burning gas in your new car, Enjoy!

I don’t think there has been a real ‘pull-a-head’ program for a few months now.

Unless something changed for March, and I don’t think it did, there was conquest deals going on, but no pull ahead programs at this time. Maybe something regional and not national.

I got a pull ahead mailer offer on a BMW 7 series. Various models had various amounts they would pay. Mine would have been a conquest.

From a dealer or BMWFS? I did see there was something for 7 series pull-ahead, but nothing else.

The mailer came from a dealer, but when I got there it looked like BMWFS program.

Thanks! No I didn’t get numbers for 24 months but now I think I should have asked. :confused:

From the dealer. From what I know there isn’t an official pull-ahead program for 4-series this month.

From what I know after asking multiple dealers, there isn’t an official pull-ahead program for 4-series this month.

That seems really good for a 2018. As others have suggested see if the 24/10 term is better since your discount is so strong. Either way I wouldn’t sit on this too long.

From what I know there isn’t an official pull-ahead program for 4-series this month.

Potentially could be regional.

Going based off of my service area

pretty good deal with true zero drive off and 12k mi.

Would have like to have seen the 24 mo option but i guess too late for that.

This is what I just received for something similar (initial numbers dealer provided):

2018 430i Grand Coupe Xdrive
4000 miles (loaner)
MSRP: $51,385.00
Price: $45,900.00
Term: 36 months
Miles: 10K
Rate: .0016
Residual: $27,889.00
Acq Fee: $925.00
Down Payment: $1,500.00
Rebate: $3,000.00
Govt Fees: $221.00
Taxes: $1,562.00
Doc Fee: $175.94

Payment: $588.17 month (plus $1,500.00 down)
Location: Central Illinois

That is Atrocious. That’s not even a decent new car discount.