2018 BMW 430i Grand Coupe Xdrive - Help with #s and any Insight!

This is what I just received from the dealership. I’m also looking at the a5 Sportback and likely going to go with better of deals. I’m hoping to get some insight and help from the true Pros from this very informative site. In advance, thank you guys for all that you do to help Joes like myself get a fair shake!

2018 430i Grand Coupe Xdrive
4000 miles (loaner)
MSRP: $51,385.00
Price: $45,900.00
Term: 36 months
Miles: 10K
Rate: .0016
Residual: $27,889.00
Acq Fee: $925.00
Down Payment: $1,500.00
Rebate: $3,000.00
Govt Fees: $221.00
Taxes: $1,562.00
Doc Fee: $175.94

Payment: $588.17 month (plus $1,500.00 down)
Location: Central Illinois

I have a somewhat similar offer in SC on a 440. We do taxes/fees differently here though: