2018 BMW 430i CP $2,260 DAS $345 + Tax MANUAL

Happy Thursday,

I have a Demo 2018 BMW 430i coupe with 1,958 miles on it ready to go. It is a stick shift and the lease below is based on 36mo/10k with loyalty included. Car is priced to sell.

For inquires please include: 1. Full Name 2. Phone 3. Email 4. If you qualify for Loyalty

2018 BMW 4 Series 430i Coupe

Used Leaseable 4 Series Inventory


-Sport Line
-Essentials Pkg
-19" wheels 407 w/ Run Flats
-Rear View Camera
-Manual Transmisson
-Black Kidney Grilles


MSRP: $46,130.00
Selling Price: $38,730.00
Rebates: $3,000 lease credit, $1,000 lease loyalty credit
Monthly Payment: $377.95 (Based on So Cal Tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $2,260.43
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: .00166
Residual: 57%
Available Incentives: Lease credit, Lease Loyalty Credit, Regional Event OL Code, College Grad
Region: So Cal


This vehicle is located in Southern California zip code 91204 at Pacific BMW. For any additional questions feel free to comment, direct message, or text me directly at (818) 455-3300. With inquires include Name, Phone Number, Email, and Zip Code.


I believe today is Thursday!

Great looking car nonetheless!

It feels like a Monday :sweat_smile:

All of these manual cars with smoking deals. I live in the wrong part of the country.


for real whats up with all those manual loaners? NEVER seen one in person


I was ready to post the exact same thing.

Dang, this is very tempting. Can you save me a manual loaner for next February when my 3er lease is due… :rofl:

Where y’all at! Let’s ship this puppy your way!

We’ll talk to January I’ll make something happen!

This is nice, but i am looking for a 430i Gran Coupe. White with Beige interior. Got any deals???Thanks!

Damn this is tempting. First that red 320 manual now this. I’ve been looking at an X1 but I might come down and take a look at this on Sat if it’s still there.

If you have any X1 leasehacker deals pop up I’d be much obliged.

Only a 440i payment is low 5’s with drive off and loyalty

Sure thing I’ll be in the office as early as 10am till about 7.

PM’d you the X1 details.

You’d ship to Pennsylvania??? I thought most of the BMW deals I see indicate no shipping.

(please say no shipping :laughing:)

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Executive demos most likely

I need 4 doors otherwise I’d be in the midst of trying to explain to my wife why I’m taking a road trip to LA.