2018 BMW 340xi 340p/month +2450 MSDS +250 down 9 months [Sold]


Gauging interest

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 340xi
Location: NJ

MSRP: 59,200
Monthly payment (pre-tax): 340 (NJ taxes were paid upfront)
Current mileage: 9,109
Maturity mileage: 20,015
Effective miles per month: 1,210

Maturity date: 3/22/2021
MSD due (if any): 2450
Cash due (if any): 500
Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee: to be paid by buyer
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Great, minor curb rash on one wheel

Options: mineral grey metallic, black leather with red highlight stitching, shadow sport edition (18" wheel, sport seats, PDC, aluminum dark carbon trim), premium package (heated front seats, navigation, head-up display), heated steering wheel, active blind spot detection, apple car play, wireless charging, wheel locks

Pictures from delivery and window sticker (what I have on my phone right now), will have the car washed and then take current pictures:

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I’d recommend uploading some photos and a window sticker as well to make your post more appealing.

That said, this seems like a great deal and an easy way to get the loyalty incentive when M340i stock is replenished by lease end next near!

So taking into account transfer fee, 500 DAS & disposition it’s an effective $490 payment for 9 months + MSD if there’s no other lease-end charges?

Like the posters above mentioned, you would be better served, if you take pictures of the vehicle, and the minor damage you have mentioned as well as the sticker, and post those pictures, you would get a lot more traction.

am interested… sent you a PM.

Yes, I paid taxes and fees upfront, so I’m looking to get a prorated amount back. The original deal was $2350 DAS, when I subtract the first month and CCA rebate (340 +500), I get $1,510 or $63 per month. $63X 9months= $566, which I rounded down to 500. Disposition fee can be waived if another BMW is leased, but that’s completely up to the new owner.

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TBF I don’t think I’ve seen anyone here include disposition when looking at the effective payment on a new lease.

And if anyone is using a lease swap as a gateway vehicle into BMW loyalty (since that’s what the best BMW deals almost always require) then they def don’t need to worry about disp.

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Am I missing something?
I assume the MSD of $2450 would be recouped by the new lessee at the end of the lease or do you mean by MSD you want to be paid for your prepaid taxes?

Sorry, that might have been confusing. 2450 is the MSD and I am also asking for $500 down, so $2,950 in total. My previous post was about how I got to the $500 down.

The $2450 will be refunded to the new lessee, so he should transfer $2450 to the original lessee as these are refundable security deposits - if he didn’t ask for the MSDS then he would be losing $2450 that he would’ve gotten back at the end of the lease. It’s relatively straightforward.

Updated pricing. Due at signing= 2450 (multiple security deposits) + 250 (down payment)= $2,700. Non-negotiable.

still available?

Is this still available?

Sorry for the late reply. It’s no longer available

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