2018 BMW 340i xDrive M Sport $458.35/ month $1850 DAS Plus MSDs for 36 month at 6% sales tax! 138 miles on the car!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 340i xDrive with M sport package
MSRP: $58,965
Monthly Payment: $432.41 W/O tax --$458.35 at 6% sales tax
Drive-Off Amount: $5350 (1st payment-$458.35, MSDs-$3500, Fees-$313, Upfront taxes-$77.98, Cap reduction- $1000.67)
Months: 36 is better
Annual Mileage:10,000
Residual:61% --$33,497l54
Available Incentives: included are- $5000 Lease credit, $750 loyalty
Others that can be added- OL code, College Grad
NO Conquest!
Region: Trying to stay west this time, but the vehicle can ship

Peep the link.

DAS amount is required to be in the title. Can re-open after it’s fixed.

DAS now included in title; thread reopened

I’m located in Boise, and would like to chat regarding working a deal on a lease. My current Mercedes lease is up in the middle of August.
-Seth 503-970-4686

I text you!

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What does it take with you people :rofl:

If your looking for feedback… honestly, your deal is average. You even have DAS at $5350. This is the place for people who know what they are doing and your trying to sell an average deal. Good luck!

Is this a demo?

No, this is not a demo.

I’m in Seattle and was looking at your car back in the day when I was in the market for a 340 about 8 months ago. Ended up leasing a similar MSRP car from LA for $60 less/month, no MSDs and 12k/36.

PNW and leasing don’t generally go well together.

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There’s only a $1000 discount off MSRP for a 2018 still on the lot with lease support ending this week?

Executive demo I think isn’t marked for a ton of discount off the bat but the least they could do is knock off 12% as is being seen on some G20 330’s