2018 BMW 340i xDrive M Sport $369/month ($395 w/ Indiana Tax) $600 DAS

Updated pricing to get this thing moving.

Keep in mind this isn’t just any 3 series. It’s a $62k AWD M Sport 340, it’s faster than prior gen M3 and gets over 30 MPG on highway. Very comfortable ride, took it on many 4+ hour trips and felt great when I arrived.

We are now effectively $469/month plus tax on a short term with plenty of miles. It’s hard the get a decent deal on a M340i right now and this will help out with BMW loyalty. Just had it serviced and the tires have plenty of tread for the remainder.

Wheels are worth over $400 all day and I will only offer that price with the lease transfer. You can easily resell for profit afterwards.

How in the hell would a 2018 340 be faster than a last gen M3? Cmon man

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E90 M3 = mid 4s 0-60
F30 340 xDrive = low 4s 0-60

Oh you’re talking E90. I’m not sure anyone here is cross shopping that car with yours, tbh

Just a point to be made about the car in general, I fully understand nobody cross shops a 10 year old car with a 6 month lease. Point of the matter is this car is wicked fast and fun to drive.

I just sent you a PM.

Also interested in this. Could pick up in a week or two.

PM me your email and I can have BMWFS reach out to you.

When’s the baby due? Congrats!

I’d ride this thing out and just pickup a new car when the lease is up if there’s only 7 months left.

That is the back up plan if nobody wants it for transfer. Baby isn’t due until January but I negotiated a stellar deal on a X3M demo, not sure what the market will bring in March. Honestly surprised it’s still available, tons of interest but no commitment yet.

I hear ya

It’s a great deal and a fair offer

Don’t let anyone beat you up any further for it

Total Lease Payoff: $42,896
Outstanding Balance (6 Payments): $2215
Residual: $38,710

Payoff includes tax of $2,806.

Current Milage: 22,829

OP doesn’t seem interested in moving this thing. Gave him a great offer first time around and he declined… 2 weeks later gave him another great offer still doesn’t seem interested in offers…

How far off were your offers from what he is asking?

Not far at all. First time around it was a difference of $500 dollars.
This time around again difference of $500 dollars.

So it was $1200 as a cash ask and now it’s $600

Sounds like he went to your target…

Why not just take it if you’re serious?

Because he would take it, only if it were x color :confused:

Haha, trying to wrap it up. OP is focused on the other 2 people who are interested… I guess?
Yo! @csusko send me the link to BMWFS credit app lets get this over with. I’ll send you the $600 DAS and the lease transfer.


Roll that car!


Did we just witness a disinterested third-party broker this swap? :thinking::grin: