2018 BMW 340i – Lease Buyout Options

I reviewed a few other posts based on similar topics, but thought I’d not hijack those threads as I have a few separate questions. My lease on a 2018 BMW 340i is ending the first week of April 2022. It was initially a loaner with 3,901 miles and it only has 20,163 miles now.

The current pay off amount based on my account information is $34,624.72 and is valid until Feb 1st, 2022. My physical lease agreement says the purchase amount at the end of my lease is $34,026.50.

I want to know what are my options and any suggestions you guys have on what I should do next. I enjoy the car a lot and it hasn’t given me any issues. I am open to making a switch, however, for a newer lease if it is close to the $461/month I’m paying right now.

Understanding the current market, I think it’s a long shot that I’ll find a lease close to what I currently pay for a comparably equipped vehicle, but I would hope that the low mileage I have on the 340i could be used to my benefit if I roll into another lease.


  1. Why is the purchase amount different on my account vs. lease agreement?
  2. At what point is the sales tax due on the purchase amount?
  3. What are the benefits of getting it CPO’d if it does not include an extended warranty?
  4. Is there any way I can leverage the remaining ~10K-12K miles I’ll have at the end of my lease for a new lease?

Because your lease isn’t over yet, so there are remaining payments

When you go to the dmv to transfer the vehicle into your name.

But the difference between the two amounts is $598.22. I still have Feb and March lease payments to make, which accounts for $922. If the purchase amount on my account is including remaining payments, I would think the difference would be more than $598.22 between that and the lease agreement.

Only the base payment amount reduces the buyout, not tax and rent charge.


For anyone that has worked with the dealership for the lease buyout, did they have you complete a credit application?

I want to buy my car out in cash and bypass any credit applications or finance paperwork because I don’t want any unnecessary inquiries on my credit. But the dealer is telling me they need me to complete the credit app to “stay compliant” and they have to end the lease as well.

Seems odd to me. I’m wondering if I should just work with BMWFS directly, instead. The reason I was going through the dealership initially is because they said they could have all the paperwork FedEx’d to me same day.

Of course you should work with BMWFS directly.

The only reason to ever involve the dealer in buying out your existing lease is because you HAVE to.
There are a few rare instances where either the bank or the state requires you to go through a dealer (neither are applicable to a BMW in CA, AFAIK).

Walk away, involving the dealer just adds needless complexity and of course they will try to grab a piece of the $$ pie for their time. Exhibit A is them requiring a credit app when you’re trying to pay cash :roll_eyes: