2018 BMW 330xdrive wagon - purchase help

Hi guys, can you advise on this purchase deal for a 330 Wagon?
Not sure what after market charge is btw.
this is not a loaner, but an executive car. 6k miles.Capture

edit: they will not add any bmw credits like loyalty or costco


update: dealer removed total financed aftermarkets.

If I remember the current rules correctly you can’t use many of the BMW incentives on a car with over 5,000 miles. And they lease terribly as a result so if you want a car like this you really have to plan to buy it.

Is it going to be CPO with more warranty? If not when did the warranty start?

They are giving you 30% off right now. This is really a straight used car deal at this point. Executive car covers a lot of ground- if it is not going to be a CPO I’d want a private inspection before purchase.

Thanks. You’re right, it will be a CPO with unlimited miles.
Anything you think I need to clarify with them? Going to have it shipped if I get it.

If I was buying used sight unseen I’d still want an inspection. Depending on where it is you can get a mobile inspection service to look it over if the dealer is willing to allow that.

I can’t help you with the price as I don’t know where the wagons are with that sort of milage. And it will vary depending on what market you are in. But it seems pretty aggressive- they seem to want that car gone.

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