2018 BMW 330i, SoCal Quote

Hi leasehackrs,

What do you think of this lease offer?

Model: 2018 BMW 330i, base configuration
Region: SoCal

MSRP: $42,275
Sale price: $37,250
Drive off: $2,109.37
Total rebates: $3,000
Money Factor: 0.00182
36 months with 10k miles per year
Tax rate: 7.75%
Monthly payment including tax: $382

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Residual 60%?

I was assuming yes, as in other dealerships, but will double-check.

So does this offer look good or should I aim for a lower one?
I’ve contacted ~10 dealerships and this is the best I’ve got so far for a non-loaner.

September has slightly lower MF and 1% more residual so may want to push 12% to 13% msrp to offset. The only thing they can say is No and you’ll know if it’s a good deal…

I live in LA…where do you only pay 7.75% tax?

I think OC has the 7.75% tax rate, at least for Irvine and LN.

This is a good deal, dealership is essentially giving up their back end of the money.

7.75% is the sales tax rate for Orange County.

Check your math…37,250 / 42,275 = .88, or 12% off.

Like @samson said, on a brand new car, 12% is a very good discount. Loaner…different story.

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For 2018 isn’t 12% kina weak discount given the 3 series over supply and 2019 just around the corner? I was helping a buddy on a 330 or 340 back in July and I was getting 12% off before incentive without trying. And this was at Santa Ana OC dealer(This dealer is known for not giving the leashackr deals) I expected more discounts by now but I guess not. Friend is back on the market so we might go hunting again.
Wish Daniel from Buena Park was still here. He used to start at 12% then can negotiate higher % off.

12% off eats all dealer holdback. I’m not sure why everyone thinks they are going to give an 18 3 series away at this point when then 19s aren’t even slated to start trickling onto the lots until the end of q1, 5 months from now.

If you think you can do better, by all means try. Good luck. @samson is no BS though, and if he says this is a solid deal, I have no reason to distrust him.

BMW is very simple. It’s a flat % of invoice that is given to dealerships after the time of sale 12% is typically all in unless there are bonuses being offered for that model/district. There aren’t many loopholes or other manufacture kickbacks other than that.

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