2018 BMW 330i sDrive Loaner - Deal Check?


Location: Texas
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 330i sDrive with Nav and Convenience Pack
Miles : 2770
MSRP: $48735
Sale Price: $33000 (including rebates and no loyalty)
Drive-Off Amount: Acquisition + Fees + MSD
Months: 24 months
Annual Mileage: 12K
MF - .00182
Residual: 65% (Possible penalty of 1% but sales person still quoting as 65%)
MSD: 7

I was told
No Tax credits for loaners
MF cannot be lowered to buy rate regardless of tier 1 credit.
No MF bump to waive acquisition fee.

Still negotiating for .00177 with MSDs.

I greatly appreciate your feedback on this offer. Thank you all!!

I was offered sales tax credits with a one pay on a loaner, so they can be done in principle.

Overall seems like an ok deal in terms of sell price, but no reason they should be marking up MF (assuming lease, not OC).

Asked about OC and 6% is the min they can do. I will check with principle but I am not getting 20% before rebates from any other dealers.

This dealership must just mark up rates as a policy then, because I got 5.2% from BMWSA on an OC when BMWFS rates were a bit higher in Feb.

Holy smokes that’s pretty decent deal! I was quoted for a “lightly” equipped 3 series wagon for 450/mo with only 10K miles. This is in the east coast though…

Not sure where you are but Sewell (Grapevine) seems to be fairly aggressive (Didn’t take much to get 21% Dealer discount) on getting 2018 loaners out the door before the door closes.

Thanks! Their site lists only 2 2018 3s. I will reach out to them for any additional availability.

What’s the selling price and rebates? Be good to know the discount before rebates

Did they offer why this would be?

Nope, Just denied as it’s not possible.