2018 BMW 330E lease question


Hello Fellow Hackers,

My local BMW is advertising a 2018 loaded 330E for 20% on their website - the car’s MSRP is 56,275
I am looking at a 24/10 and know that the residual is 67 on 24 mo’s/10k?
my question is how much should I expect to bid/pay for this vehicle considering the 6000k lease credit and 1000k loyalty I qualify for?
I am sure they would not add those to the 20% off MSRP or the car would be in the ridiculous 200’s per month including tax (mine would be 7% on the total value of lease and I used .0022 MF) or should they?
Any insight on how to proceed with this deal considering the high discount and additional credits?
Thanks for your input and sorry I don’t have offer sheets to share yet.

loaner or new?

Search around the forum and look at previous deals and you will see what kind of discount you should be shooting for in either case BEFORE incentives.

it’s a new one. other deals are not much relevant but the MSRP advertized discount is very aggressive and they may tell me its not valid on a lease.
as I am somehow of a Newby would these 6000+1000 rebates be calculated as taxed incentives?
Are the dealerships obliged to apply incentives?



20% on loaner before Incentives is about right for a RWD car especially if you are in where its cold now. But looks like this is a new one based on the Residual you mentioned.

Most likely the 20% advertised is with lease cash but not loyalty. Not everyone reading that advertisement has a BMW so you definitely should get that extra loyalty.

They are discounting $5255 on a 56,275 MSRP which is only 9.33% before lease cash. I think you can get them to 13-14% before applying the 6K lease cash.


I think it depends on your state. Not really sure. But I believe anything that is a customer incentive is taxed everywhere, while dealer incentives are not. But I’ve been told ALL are taxable in some places. I know nothing for sure.

With $7k of available incentives, a total of 20% off is not great. As HN stated, on a new one, look for a discount in the teens before the $7k deduction.

ok thanks for the heads up - frankly If I added the 20% and incentives that would be a hell of a Unicorn deal. let me start with 15% off MSRP’s + incentives. Will keep you posted.

Also don’t forget that you can use an OL code on a new one and a BMW CCA membership will get you a rebate check outside of closing as well.

What is an OL code a:thinking: and how can I get one?
Thanks again

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It’s another rebate you can qualify for if you did a BMW event in the last few mos. $500 of the $1000 comes from BMW. The rest from your dealer if they are willing. My dealer “qualified@ me for one 2 years ago. I’d done an event but it had expired. Pleasant surprise.

Just get on the phone and ask them if the 20% off is inclusive of all available rebates. Don’t even mention that you are thinking about leasing the car. Depending on their response, you will know if you can stack the $6,000 + $1,000 to it.

hey thanks all for the advice. This is what I got from the dealer - no go for me to spend close to 600$ on a car with 7000$ worth of incentives.

Term: 24months
Miles: 10K/year46%20PM
Residual: 67%
Money Factor: 0.00228
Discount: $5,602.61 (10%)
Rebate: $6,000 lease credit / $750 loyalty

Interestingly he mentions 750 as loyalty? shouldn’t it be 1000$?
I am holding for 15% discount + the rebate

Loyalty is regional. It’s 750 in my neck of the woods, so it’s probably legit

Nice of them to mark up the MF, especially since it’s high to begin with.

Seems all dealers I have stumbled upon here in GA are marking it up to the max. Looks like I will be going for a different brand after 8 years…
And the search continues for the elusive 50k vehicle for 450/Mo - 0 DAS

Don’t give up. It’s a model year old. They may come around. Especially as the end-of-2018 lease support comes around.

I am down to 534$ / mo including taxes 0 DAS.
24/10 after they lowered the MF. I believe I am still only getting 10% off MSRP
I still don’t like this deal gotta be below 500$ for this discontinued model :slight_smile:

When is the last date/month for 2018 lease support ?

Historically, I believe they end lease support around the end of April for the previous model year.

Depends on market. Since f30 has no replacement for a few months it might go past March 1 this year.

Can’t they apply the rebate as dealer cash discount and why doesn’t that paper they gave you show the rebate ? It just seems like you should be a lot lower than that considering 7k rebates and a substantial dealer discount unlesss they are marking the MF sky high try a different dealer