2018 BMW 330e in Chicago for $500/mo including Chicago tax

I went back and forth with Alan at Perillo BMW in Chicago and almost pulled the trigger on this lease but the timing just isn’t quite right for me. He wanted me to share the best offer he could get me on this 2018 330e, it’s below:

Lease 24 months, $500 per month
NO multiple security deposits
NO capitalized cost reduction
Includes all BMW lease and Loyalty cash incentives
Includes Chicago tax
10,000 miles per year / 700+ credit score

Initially, the offer was $419/mo before tax with 7 MSD and that’s the info I’ve added below but I think the offer above is even better. There’s also a $4,001 IRS tax credit available after the lease of the 330e.

2018 BMW 330e:

MSRP: $56960
Selling Price: $51850
Monthly Payment: $419.93
Cash Due at Signing: $5160.42 (7 MSD + TTL + 1st month)
MSD: 7 ($4200)
Incentives: $7750

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00142 (0.00177 before reduciton)
Residual: 61% ($34,170.60)

Region: Chicago
Leasehackr Score: 11.6

Not a good deal IMO compared to all the 330e deals we’ve seen the past couple months. Ask for a better discount off the selling price and get a breakdown of all incentives applied. The $4001 tax credit is available to BMWFS (not to you directly) from my understanding.

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Chicago tax sucks!!! Lol


Right in line with the offer I got (and promptly declined) from Alan last month. Garbage discount and that tax credit is not available to lessees. They can keep em…best of luck offloading once lease support ends.

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Is owner’s choice a possibility or even available in Chicago? If you go that route would the tax credit be viable then?

Never looked into that. That’s a good question.

Thats for manufacturer, not for leasee.

On the bmw financial website it says owners choice is available only to IL, GA, TX.

I did see a post where someone said @ralphsaphony issues with owner’s choice in IL though. So not sure how much help it would be?

From my personal experience I never recommend it nor do I help anyone with them because of the issues I’ve seen BUT some people swear by them :man_shrugging:t3:




Not a good deal

Did you get the car? It’s hard in the Chicagoland area to get any great deals. I grew up there (now in SoCal) but my parents still live out there. So, I tried many times to get a deal…but can’t. I end up getting them one here and they drive it back.
Also, considering I went to high school with Joe Perillo Jr.!

I didn’t. It wasn’t a strong enough deal to trade in my current car and with the new 330e coming soon / next year with 2x electric-only range - it just didn’t make sense

Need Brokers to hack some good deals in this region.

exactly! my current X3 shipped from Boston

Alan was an arrogant jerk to me. I will never do business with Perillo. They are waiting for suckers to rip off. He kept trying to insult me by saying “I know you’re pretty price sensitive so we are probably not the right dealer for you.” Really?!? I’m 1 hr away from picking up my car for $198 a month and I want to stop by and visit him to give him a thumbs up and maybe one other finger. What a horrible condescending person to do business with. I have ALWAYS had bad experiences with Perillo.


For Illinois go with a hybrid or EV BMW using Owners Choice and even with a 10% dealer discount you’ll get a good deal. It’s a no brainer to get dealer discount, lease incentives, and Fed tax rebate.

Thanks for the tip!
As for fed tax credit, (correct me if I’m wrong), dont you need to owe federal taxes to get the credit? My folks dont pay any taxes.

Yep, need to have a taxable income to take advantage of the rebate unfortunately. Not sure if there’s any state incentive for Illinois, used to be $2500 on top in Texas before it expired.