2018 BMW 330e - 18.50% OFF - $55k MSRP for ONLY $230/mo including tax with only drive-offs! ##SOLD##

First come first serve!! (last time my co-worker snatched up the deal as soon as he heard about it!).

I’m giving you everything you need here to plug it into the LH calculator with your preferred lease term and miles and you can put in your own tax rate. Hopefully this way it cuts down on your questions and you will have everything you need in order to know if this vehicle fits your budget.

My quote at the bottom is totally possible and is based on someone that qualifies for loyalty and college grad and does a 24/10k lease in my tax rate.

2018 BMW 330e
Alpine White
Black Dakota Leather
Convenience Package
Driving Assistance Package
Premium Package
18" Allow Wheels
Apple CarPlay
Wireless Charging
TurboCord Charger

$55,095 MSRP
$45,000 Selling price before incentives

Available Rebates/Credits
$5,000 Lease Credit
$1,000 College Grad Rebate
$750 BMW Loyalty (own or lease in the last 12 months, must have proof)

Residual adjustments for current miles of 4,752 (please calculate your own particular scenario on the LH Calculator)

24/10k lease = $35,850.65 residual
24/12k lease = $35,299.70 residual
24/15k lease = $34,197.80 residual

36/10k lease = $32,544.95 residual
36/12k lease = $31,994.00 residual
36/15k lease = $30,892.10 residual

Ideal Scenario (client qualifies for all three rebates and resides in a 7.75% tax rate)

24 months
10k miles
$35,850.65 residual
.00152 MF (OAC)
$213 plus tax
$230 including tax (7.75%)
$2,273 drive offs
OR $333/mo including tax with ZERO out of pocket!

Drive-off breakdown
$925 acquisition fee
$437 license fee
$80 doc fee
$601 upfront tax
$230 first payment

Please email me directly if you’re interested and I will try to update this as soon as it is no longer available.

Dave Townsend
Internet Client Advisor
BMW of Murrieta


I have a family member that may be interested, the build is kind of unclear. Is it an msport or shadow line? How’d you get to that msrp?

EDIT: Never mind I didn’t see that it had premium.

Here’s the build sheet (I’ve deleted a few rows of standard equipment to save space)…

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I qualify for college grad, not royalty. Would be interested in 24/15k…only problem is I am in South Carolina…

All the numbers you need are there to plug into the LH Calculator. Just add $1,300 to the sales price for shipping if you want to roll it into the deal or increase the drive-offs by that amount if you want to pay outside of the deal.

Amazing deal for an 18. If I qualified for college grad I’d be all over it.

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Even without college grad you’re still at $276 including tax with $2,242 drive offs (assuming you have loyalty). Or you can do $378 including tax with zero out of pocket.

Yup. If I didn’t have the added shipping cost to Seattle it’d be a no brainer.

Hey Dave, just a question. Do Los Angeles County employees get the fleet discount?

No fleet on loaners.

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This is a general question, not on this car - sorry.

What’s the shipping cost to NorCal (94513)?

Only Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts. Lol. That’s no lie!


$450…20 characters

Aside from the reduced acquisition fee, what other rebates are there for a BMW/mini dealer employee?

Crazy! Lol, oh well 20202020


I will be leaving my office by 6:30pm but will still try to respond to emails from my phone when not driving. There are already multiple people emailing me, some that are local and some that are 1,000 miles away. But as of right now it is still available.

Someone please take this and put me out of my misery.



I will not be able to give out-of-state quotes once I leave the office due to not having all the tax rates and rules (upfront vs monthly, etc) available to me.

Hey Dave I emailed you and completely missed this deal! If you come across another please let me know!