2018 BMW 328d Wagon Service Loaner

Been going back and forth with the salesperson via email on this one and wondering if there’s any wiggle room left. I’m in no rush, but I worry that the mf is going to go up again next month. What do you guys think?

2018 BMW 328d xDrive Wagon Service Loaner 3,800 miles
MSRP: $55,170
Selling Price: $42,999 (Includes $2k lease credit)
MF: .00206 (marked up, I know)
RV: 60% (I’ve added the $980 mileage adjustment to the sales price in the calculator)
Rebates: USAA and College Grad ($1500)
Acq Fee: $925
Drive Offs (1st mo+taxes+fees): $1,429
Monthly: $445

Aim for a sales price of $44170 before the lease credit.

ask for 20% off and buy rate and you’ll be down to sign the papers. Aren’t loaner wagons a little harder to come by?

I was already told they won’t budge on the mf. I think generally loaner wagons are in shorter supply, but this dealership happens to have 7 of them, most of which have been sitting on the lot for a while.

State the 20% and the real mf after mileage adjustment. Straight to the manager, not your salesman. In person if local. If they do it, great. If they don’t do it, walk and go silent on them. They will cave before month end.

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That’s a solid plan, I’d do this. 7 is allot, they won’t mind giving one away.

In the NyNJ area? May know someone interested in a loaner wagon and they’re certainly hard to find.

Also, aside from the obvious points, the lack of incentives up here hurts ($1000 less relative to SoCal).

I asked for more discount but got a “if you come in with a committed offer you may have more luck asking for a bigger discount” response. I hate that line as I’m about 3 hours away from the dealership and would prefer to have everything agreed upon before setting foot in the dealership.

Tell them that. Flat out. That you’re 3 hours away, you’re committed to closing a deal if the numbers are agreeable and will submit a deposit, credit application and driver’s license to secure the car until you can be down to pick it up once you have a written and confirmed offer with a manager’s signature.

I can tell you with almost 100% confidence that setting foot in the dealer will accomplish nothing. I also know that their latitude on advertised price is near 0. I’d focus on the money factor.



If this is the dealership I think it may be in the PNW, they’re corp owned and typically have very little room on sales price but will be able to work on the MF.

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I would also add, look at the CarFax online and see it when they listed the vehicle for sale. If it is over 3 months and definitely if it is pushing or over 4 months, they’re choking on it and likely will have to send it to auction soon to get it off their floor plan.

If they aren’t giving way now, wait until the end of this month and see where it shakes out. My guess is the tune will change.

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Just to circle back and close this one out, I ended up missing out on the service loaner I was looking at. It had sat on the lot for 111 days but then sold in the week or so after I found it. The dealership (BMW Portland) wouldn’t budge on the selling price or mf at all and I planned to wait until they would. They still have 7 other diesel wagons on the lot between $50-53k but not in the colors I wanted with the features I wanted and since the MSRPs are lower but the selling prices are the same ($44,999) the monthly payment would have been higher.

I ended up calling the other local BMW dealership (Kuni) on the last day of July and they offered 10% off a new model, before incentives, with a $54k MSRP. I had them send the paperwork over that night as we needed the car by 8/4. I am super happy with the car, though I do still regret not picking up the original service loaner and saving a little money.

The only hiccup we had was that my wife qualified for the college grad rebate and when we submitted the paperwork we found out through BMW that there is a collection on her credit report and so BMW denied that rebate. Long story short, there is a medical bill that never got submitted to our insurance company so we had no idea we had an outstanding bill. That’s one heck of a way to find out about that! Luckily, I found an OL code that I didn’t think the dealership would accept but I submitted it anyway and they accepted it, so the end result was a wash. Still, we could have knocked $30 off the monthly if the college grad would have gone though…

Decided to do a sign and drive:
2018 328d Wagon White on Black with Shadow Sport, Premium pkg, Convenience pkg, Harmon Kardon
MSRP: $53,860
Selling price: $48,279 (10% off)
MF: 0.00166
RV 60%
Rebates: $2000 lease credit, $1000 OL code, $500 fleet
Acq Fee: $925
Drive offs: $0
Monthly: $540

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Great color combo. Enjoy it.