2018 BMW 320xi Lease

MSRP: 39875
Selling price: 35982

Rebates: $3000 lease cash and $750 loyalty

MF: .00152
RV: 61%
Tax: 9%

Monthly: 306
Dive off: first month + dmv + doc + acquisition fee + tax = 2975

everything matches the lease hacker calculator, but i’m trying to adjust it to 24/10 with RV 67% but the numbers seem off. Can someone help me out with the 24/10 monthly based on this


And is this a good deal? I think I can can drop it more by moving my current bmw lease MSD over to this to bring the MF down to .00117

Discount isn’t strong enough for 24 months. Would be roughly 15 more.

Yea i finally figured that out after a while. Is this deal any good though?

the $400 doc fee for NJ is killing me, how do you negotiate that off?

It’s not bad for a brand new 18. Others have done better, others have done worse. Only way to get rid of the doc fee is ask for extra discount from dealer to offset.