2018 BMW 320xi - $204 24m/24k w/ taxes

:smile: simple but true… Any pictures to post?

Go for the jb4 or stage 1. Just a few more connections for way more output. Not sure about 320, but on the 528 the difference is profound.

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What was the deal on the 5-series in GA? I can’t seem to get any dealers in NC to play ball.

It’s my understanding (and maybe I’m wrong), the JB4 would be advantageous to the JB+ should additional mods be done. If no further modding, all you’re using is Map 1 anyways, which the JB+ handles.

The Stage 1 would be the way to go, as it gives you some warranty support should something happen, but it’s a pricey outlay for a car you don’t own too.

They were offering 12k off before rebates, I got them to go to 14k but the taxes was killling the deal.

the deal might be good for some peeps, but not for me.


Map 1 on the JB4 gives more than the highest boost setting on the JB+.

I’ve used Maps 1-3 on JB4 on an otherwise stock 2017 540 and there is a PROFOUND difference between them.

By Stage 1 I meant Burger’s product. Same warranty “concerns” apply. I never had an issue with the cars nor the service department. Then again n=2 so YMMV.

ahhh…I was thinking Dinan.

Map 3 was delicious. Man I miss that car.

Does SAL = Swap a Lease? Just curious because I might try the same thing in a few months. Is Leasetrader the other company that people use? Thanks.

Yeah, SAL is better IMO though

Hi, that’s a great deal that you got. Where can I replicate this? I’m located in Dallas, TX.

How how much mileage did the car have as a loaner?

I got tax credits from park place Dallas. And it was not single pay.

Would you mind to share when and which brand did you get tax credit from Park Place?

It was a c300 and this was 3 years ago and I got it from their Dallas showroom. No clue if they still offer it.

Thanks, good to know.

can you please share the dealer details if you don’t mind? thanks.