2018 BMW 320i xdrive LOANER numbers don't add up

Can somebody please help me out… I am trying to use the calculator and nothing is adding up. I am probably either not using it right, or dealer is hiding something, or BOTH! Most likely missing more info.

Sales person is not clear with few things. When I asked about the sale price he wasn’t clear if all incentives were calculated or not (his own words:“In the price of the vehicle, we have a $2750 rebate factored in. You have an additional $2000 rebate as a lease credit through BMW as well as a $750 loyalty”)… if that was the case I should be driving this car for not more than $300 a month, but that’s just my opinion judging by 1% rule. But he won’t give me a breakdown of details either.

MSRP: 44880
Sale: 32944 (2750 rebate factored in) incentives: 2000 lease credit, 750 loyalty (not sure if it’s already factored in sale price, most like it is)
mf: .00202
RV: 25491.70 (57%?)
mo payment: 398.06 36/10k or 410.46 36/12k
tax rate: 7.5%
doc fee: 495
acq fee: Dealer says there’s no acq fee.
due at signing first month payment.

mf .00182 for 36/12 at $397 a month.

I am not sure what other info I missing from the dealer before I add it all up in the calculator, I am assuming they are hiding a bulk of hidden fees somewhere (I keep asking to give me a break down, and he keeps just ignoring me) Because judging by the discount and everything else I should be able to get a great deal on this car. Close to $400 a month is stupid, especially since I drive a 4 series GC for $390 a month with $1000 drive offs. But that deal was done in CA. Now I am in Ohio.

first thing that stands out to me is the outrageous MF of .00202

I brought it up, and he ignored me. At this point I have a feeling they don’t wanna play, but I am very curious what could make the payment so high. Also it’s my first time hacking, usually I have somebody else hook me up.

if you let him, it’s on you

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Is that why the monthly is so high? or that’s just part of the reason?

DOC FEE seems high - each state is different, but to me they should be in the 300-350 range for doc/tag/title/state inspection fees, not 495. That won’t equate to much, but that combined w/ the marked up MF is easily adding $25-$30/month to the payment

thanks 20202020

jacked MF…unless they waive Acquisition Fee which appears they are not. ask them to do that for .00202 or drop to buy rate for October which is .00182 on all 3 series.

for a 50K loaner Sportswagon, i’m paying 439/month w/ 6.25% tax on a 36/15 with all fees rolled in and only 439 DAS. MF is .00182, RV was 58% (56.66% adjusted for 3K miles)

People who believe in the 1% rule base it on MSRP. So for a 44k car, you’d be in the 400s, not 300s.

Sounds like they baked your rebates into their sales price instead of applying them after their discount.

You’re double dipping here on your rebates. You indicate 2750 is factored into the sales price, and also list “Additional incentives” for 2750. This 2750 is already included…there’s not an additional 2750.

When was the 4 series lease initiated? A lot has changed in the last 1-2 years, so you’re comparing apples to oranges.

Can’t do this. To waive acq fee, it would be a .00050 jump, not .00020. BMW would reject the contract in your scenario. With BMW’s money factor creeping up higher and higher, this makes less and less sense anyways unless there is a significant dealer discount and you can get a 24 month term.

OP, how many miles are on the car? You don’t specify. It does look like they’re going 20% off before incentives (adding back in 2750 to sales price of 32944 gives you 35,694 divided by 44880 = %.795).

Honestly, despite what everyone thinks…many are not realistic, you’re probably not going to get much more than 20% off outside of trying to find a desperate dealer within a few hundred miles looking to hit a quota.

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Just move on to other dealers.

To add on

I have just got the 2018 BMW X1 loaner
MSRP: $42521
Sold for: $31621
MF: .00202
Drive off:$1300
Mileage 4200
Monthly: $350/incl Taxes/36MO 12k.
I’m In SoCal

Not sure what an x1 has to do with a 3 series, but ok.

Dealer just got back to me. He will bring down MF to .00182 for 36/12k for $397.50. He aslo added theres NO acquisition fee, just state fees and 495 doc fee.

Also thanks for all the replies. I am still waiting for other dealers to get back to me and see what happens.

Also the NEW 3 series are coming out soon so maybe closer to year end things will change to buyers advantage.

You better double check with him on that, and look at your contract. BMW doesn’t allow you to waive an acquisition fee unless you bump the MF up .00050 points. You’re at base MF now, so there’s no way there’s an acq fee waiver in there.

I wish he would show me a contract, but he wouldn’t. I’ve been trying to get him to send me a breakdown of the numbers. He def said no acq fee in his email, not sure if that’s true or not.

I cannot see how this is possible without a MF markup. @samson, BMW didn’t change the Acq fee waiver rules this month, did they?

From my knowledge, no still $925, no changes.

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