2018 BMW 320i Loaner deal (Advice)

Hi Guys,
I have the following numbers on a BMW 320i loaner
MSRP: 40,195
Selling Price: 33,610
Lease Incentives: 3500
Residual value after adjusting for 4500 miles: 22672.30
MF: 0.00185
Monthly payment: 360$ with tax for 12000 miles/ year and this is a 3 year lease deal with 1350$ due at signing.
The dealer is in California.
What are your views on the deal?

Try to get base mf (not sure if it’s still 0.00166) and like another 2k off sales price imo.

Pm’d. I should be able to help you get better on a car like this.


Thanks, I will talk to the dealer.

Thanks, texted you back.