2018 Audi Q7 3.0T PP $64.5k for $837/month, 0 DAS except MSDs NJ NY area 14% off MSRP

Deal done. 9.5% off before rebates and allowance, 14% off combined. Apparently Audi only would allow for 9 MSDs.

I texted Ivan because I initially thought my friend was going to purchase, and her dealer gave a $1500 discount haha! Ivan is amazing btw, super responsive and 10% off without any nego which I thought was more than fair. He just can’t lease out of state so I had to deal locally.

2018 Audi Q7 3.0T Premium Plus
**MSRP: $64,525
**Selling Price: $58,400 (9.5% off) + $869 audicare
**Monthly Payment: $842
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
**MSD: $7650
**Incentives:$1000 market allowance, first month payment rebate (14% off MSRP with these factored in with discount)

**Annual Mileage:12,000
**MF: .00189 dropped to .00139
**Residual: 56% bumped up to 57%

**Leasehackr Score: 7 but doesnt include the 1st payment being waived

Have you considered the 2.0 Q7 ?
It drives the same, has the same MPG and thousands less $.

yeah has to be the 3.0. that 2.0 is weak and loud i’m told

Buy it don’t lease it …IMHO That’s $100 more a month and I paid for my Porsche Chyanne.

You can put that money in the stock market earn 10% and pay 1.9% at your bank and just buy it

Agree - at that price, I’d buy it.

With that much down in MSDs I’d want to pay a lot less, especially as the Q7 has been out for 3 years now. Have you looked at the outgoing Cayenne? I’ve seen significant discounts, especially on demos. SQ5 might be a better deal if you can live with just 5 seats as those models aren’t selling fast.

I ran the numbers buying and still no good. Audi promo is like 3% for 72 mo making the payment $950/month. If she goes to trade it in after 3 years, she would have paid over $4000 more in payments in the hopes of getting a value close to the residual. Even a cash price with full residual given at trade in is risky. This is NY/NJ. Just try not to get in an accident from some idiot driver. The value would tank. Cayenne might be a better option actually but no 3rd row

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Also I’ve heard this blanket statement before…“just put it in the market and get 10%”

A more apples to apples comparison is show me a CD or 3 year bond that pays 6.86% (for this particular case)

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For that much money on the MSD and $837 monthly, if I needed a 3 row SUV, I would get the Land Rover Discovery.
Land Rover would be more luxurious & rare compared to the Audi. Better interior for sure.

The full sized Discovery Luxury pkg is an much better driving car with features like massage seats that heats and cools plus it has a supercharged engine like the SQ5…

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Go to queens audi, someone got 10% off + $3300 lease/ finance rebate I think on a q5.

thanks that’s a better option than the cayenne now. Just got off the phone with my porsche person and he said Porsche just dropped the residual 12% on them this quarter for the outgoing Cayenne. no lease cash or incentives to help offset.

I hear what you all are saying, and it’s a lot for a q7.

I disagree with Discovery being a better vehicle overall but it is subjective. If I were OP, I would stretch my budget a bit and get a full size base Range Rover .

pretty sure full size RR is double the monthly

i read it…seems strange

About $1300 with zero DAS for full size and $1000 for RR sport @24 months. Hornburg LA advertises.

Show me where u saw that. What is it, 7500 miles? $1300 + tax is close to $1400

Hornburg Los Angeles , Hornburg Santa Monica have 1050 monthly with 5k Das all year long for full size for 10k miles. I am sure there is room for negotiation. In fact , I have seen loaners offered as low as $850. Yeah it’s considerably higher but not double …

anyways…does anyone know if this is a good deal on the Q7? thank you all for the input but I don’t need any more alternatives

If you are stuck on the 3.0 Q7, and you think it’s a great deal then go for it.

Personally, I would finance it and own it along the way instead of paying 1.5% for a lease.

It’s simple math. Cost to own for 3 years is more than cost to lease. Nevermind with the whole thing, shouldn’t have asked.