2018 Audi Q5 Prestige

2018 Audi Q5 Prestige package with all the bells and whistles (driver assist, warm weather, and cold weather packages, premium paint and interior inlays).
MSRP: 57487
Sales Price: 54985
Document fee: 150
Acquisition fee: 995
Term: 42 months, 10k miles/yr
Texas sales tax 6.25%
Residual: 52%
APR: Forgot to ask(sorry, thought they’d give us to paper to take with us!)

We talked them down from 3k down and 950/mo (great starting point…) to 1000 down and 650/mo + tax. We’re going to a few other dealerships to see similar BMWs/MBs and hopefully leverage this offer tomorrow, but wanted to see whether this was a solid deal first. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance for any comments or advice!

Audi + marginally discounted+ Prestige trim’s terrible residual+ 42 month term = no good

Unless you are dead set on a Prestige trim, consider a P+ (better residual). Also consider an SQ5 instead, far better residual and others have managed lower payments for 36/10 with higher MSRPs. There’s also no particularly good reason to do 42 months, stick to 36.


Audis don’t lease well. If you’re set on one, you’re going to pay more than a comparable Lexus NX or even Infiniti QX60. Any particular reason why you are doing 42 months? You’ll need tires by then for sure.

We wanted the Prestige for the HUD, but aren’t 100% dead set on it if the residual difference is enough to make a noticeable difference beyond just the lower MSRP. Just did a quick search and it looks pretty significant. Do you know off hand what the residual difference is between P+ and prestige? I googled it and got some differing numbers.

I’ve seen Q7s lease for less than 650 a month. Q5s are so popular & Audi doesn’t incentivize them enough.

Are you hung up on the Audi? The Volvo, BMW, Lexus equivalents lease better. (For a real bang for your buck go for the Acura RDX or MDX).

I find it ridiculous how Audi only offers the HUD on their highest trim. It is such a useful feature.

The Marketplace disagrees. HUD has been usurped by virtual cockpit type technologies. Almost no one IRL seeks out HUD.

Edmunds forums usually have the correct info.

As Max said, google Audi Q5 residual Edmunds and the relevant forum thread should come up. There will definitely be a meaningful difference between Prestige and P+. On comparable MSRP you can likely get a P+ in the $500s

We ended getting him to agree to a P+ MSRP $53k for $1k down, 36 mo and $600/mo including tax. I’m fairly happy with the number.

Just tested the GLC $49k MSRP and they came back with $1.1k drive off $650/mo for 42. I’m hoping to get them to 36 mo for $550, but haven’t secured that yet.

Just to clarify, do you mean $1k down for fees? Or is that $1k cash reduction and then whatever other fees?

As an FYI, a poster here got a $62k SQ5 for $600/mo including tax. That deal had some variables that are not achievable in the same way today, but it may be worth looking at that model.

That was 1k down just for cap reduction.

We ended up going a whole new direction after the mercedes dealer didn’t call back. Stopped in at BMW and fell in love with (and leased) the X3.

We were kinda in the same boat as you, test drove all the same luxury cars. Loved the BMW X1 but too tiny inside, the X3 felt too boat like for us but drove like a dream, the Audi was a little too compact and I read a bunch of bad reviews on the 18 Q5- lots of mechanical issues it seems. We settled on the MB GLE loaner lease with all the bells and whistles with super low miles for 580 a month, 3 security deposits and 500 down.

What are the final details on the X3 lease?

We ended up at $2,250 drive off (down payment, title, registration,etc) and $650 a month. It’s a lot, but with all the features of the BMW at the same price of the other options I’m more than happy.

That’s a great deal. It seems any time I brought up security deposits the salesmen acted confused. We asked about 2017 loaner options at BMW but they had very few options and nothing at a remotely good price.

I kind think the dealer/sales here is insulting here. Using lease calculator, these numbers don’t make sense at all. I get $0 down with ~$650 + tax payment. If I get these number from a dealer, I will just walk. There is no point of negotiating if the sales isn’t serious.

I was told BMW doesn’t allow security deposite to lower money factor anymore.